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Transdermal Delivery

Transdermals are a newer product type and delivery system. They're a lot like topicals since they're applied directly to the skin to help soothe areas of discomfort and sore muscles.

However, the difference between topical delivery and transdermal delivery is that transdermal products are able to penetrate through the skin and into the bloodstream directly. Transdermal products contain emulsifiers that can pass through the dermis layer and into your veins, while topicals penetrate the skin and only affect the muscles directly underneath. 

Transdermals are your go-to choice if you're managing treatment-resistant pain, sore muscles, arthritis, and inflammatory conditions. However, they can also soothe the internal body, making them useful for managing pain or inflammation in the GI tract as well as anxiety. With transdermals, you can expect to feel relief on the surface you apply it to in a matter of minutes, and full-body effects within the hour. 

At our stores, you can find a variety of transdermal patches and other topical products. If you don't see your favorite transdermal THC product on our shelves, just let us know. We're glad to expand our product lines to suit the needs and preferences of our patients. 

Our variety, value, and willingness to suit your needs makes us the best dispensary in Colorado Springs. 

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