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Our community has great things to say about The Epic Remedy. From our beautiful storefronts and top-notch customer experiences to our above-and-beyond product quality, there are lots of good things to say about us. If you've never visited us before, here's what our community has to say. 

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"Damn, these are definitely high quality meds for very reasonable prices. Great legs with the meds too... 6 out of 5!!"

Jonathan B. (Facebook)



"I’ve gone here for a long time I love the product. They source their own wax too so they’ve got low prices on real quality meds!! They always have discount bag of bud that’s leftover and I honestly cannot say enough good stuff about this place!"

Erin K. (Google)
majahstona420 (Leafly)

"Hands down my favorite dispo. Bud tenders are all chill as f*** and the strains are rotated at least every other day."

"Best service and help! They really know what is best for you and are so knowledgeable."

Alina M. (Website)

"Epic Remedy is my go to!! Not only do i recommend their product but i love the entire team and try are always so welcoming! 12/10 Recommend!" 

youdaqueen13 (Weedmaps)
Nathan M. (Facebook)

"Great bud quality, great wax, and great prices to go along with them. Always having some sort of deal it seems as well. Can't really say enough positive things about this place. My biggest regret lately is that i didn't sign up here instead of livwell a week ago."

"One of the top 5 best dispensaries in Colorado Springs. They have amazing consistency along with great customer service and I feel that they're always honest with me about their product."

Don M. (Google)

"Love gping to ER! always nice staff and great products! definitely check em out!"

Beargal62 (Leafly)

"Great place. I like the selection of wax and shatter. The staff def know how to take care of there patients. I shop and save everytime."

Luke D. (Website)

"I stopped in last week for a few grams of wax and each one was potent and flavorful. While I was there I also picked up some Green Crack flower and am very impressed by every aspect from the appearance to the high."

AMLoaf (Weedmaps)