At The Epic Remedy, we make getting your medical cannabis easy.


We have eliminated the member vs. non-member pricing structure to guarantee the same rates for all of our medicine to ensure that we can help every patient that comes through our door equally. While our prices are tiered based on potency and flower size, we want to reiterate that all of our flower is grown sustainably using all-natural methods. There isn't a huge jump in quality from our regular tier to our platinum tier in anything other than flower size. With 40+ strains, we offer the biggest selection of flower in Colorado Springs. 


We offer significant discounts for first-time patients and a variety of rotating daily specials that make it a breeze to find what feels good while helping you saving money. Be sure to check out our deals and specials tab for more information, perks, and incentives. 

The Epic Remedy Cannabis Flowers



EIGHTH -    $20

QUARTER -  $40

HALF OZ -   $65

OUNCE -     $120


EIGHTH -  $25 


HALF OZ - $75

OUNCE - $150


edibles, Topicals, and more...

Our edibles and topicals are the only products we don't make in house. To get an accurate price on these products, be sure to check out our menus on Weedmaps, Leafly, or Leafbuyer.