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1G Joints

Pre-rolls are a great way to medicate without fussing over getting your own papers, filters, rolling tray, and painstakingly grinding the flower and rolling it into a joint yourself. 

For quick and easy medication, we offer full-sized 1 gram pre-rolls, packed evenly with a rotating selection of our 40+ home-grown strains. Our joints are rolled with RAW® brand hemp papers using the leftovers from our bud bags, ensuring your cones are stuffed with extra kief for potency. 

We also offer wax and kief-infused pre-rolls for the cannabis connoisseur. They are made the same way, but contain up to 45% THC and come pre-rolled with flower along with wax, distillate, hash oil, or kief. 


At our stores, you can find a variety of potent THC-infused joints and pre-rolls. Our pre-roll selection varies day to day based on our stock, so if you don't see a strain you like, be sure to check back soon. 

Our variety, value, and willingness to suit your needs makes us the best dispensary in Colorado Springs. 

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