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What Are Kief Cones? The Full Scoop, Featuring Epic Remedy's Lab Director, Dustin Taylor

Updated: Jan 19

How's it goin' Epic Fam? If you've shopped at any of our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries lately, there's a good chance you saw kief cones on the shelves. Many of you have asked what exactly they are, and at a basic level, kief cones are kief-infused pre-rolls. Here's everything you need to know about what they are and how they're made, straight from our lab director and extract specialist, Dustin Taylor.

Kief Cone by The Epic Remedy

Introducing Kief Cones

You may have seen our first post on kief cones when we first dropped them back in July. However, they've kinda exploded with popularity since then, and we get lots of questions about them. More specifically, we get asked what goes into them, how potent they are, and how we make them. Luckily, our lab director Dustin Taylor was available for an interview on the subject, which you can read in full below. However, we'll start with the basics.

What Are Kief Cones?

Kief cones are kief-infused pre-rolls that are made using a handful of ingredients. They are extremely versatile and can be made easily at home using things like distillate syringes, hash oil, pull and snap shatter, caviar/moonrocks, and of course, kief.

They typically contain about 0.7g of standard cannabis flower (ranging from 17-27% THC), about 0.2g of distillate hash oil, and 0.1g of kief, which ranges from 50-70% THC. When combined, these products leave you with a pre-roll that ranges from 20-40% THC. Keep that in mind when you pick one up at the dispensary, though. These potency levels combined with the full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes makes kief cones a choice for experienced medical patients only. If you're sensitive to THC, kief cones may be a little too strong, making you more susceptible to feelings of anxiety.

Kief Cone by The Epic Remedy

Our lab director and extract specialist Dustin Taylor said it best, "If you already smoke flower, you are probably good to go on these as a patient. However, just remember that these cones could be a bit harsh and overpowering for anyone not used to smoking flower and concentrates or anyone with a low tolerance."

Our classic kief cones contain the following ingredients:

  • Flower: Any cannabis flower can be used. Our kief cones are made using our 40+ indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. We'll take .8g of our finest house-grown flower, and stuff it into a pre-roll using a RAW brand cone.

  • Hemp Rolling Papers: At The Epic Remedy, we use RAW brand 100% pure hemp rolling papers. Out of all the papers and cones we've tried, we think RAWs burn the best and taste the best, providing our patients with the highest quality smoking experience.

  • Hash Oil: Once our flower is rolled up, we brush our kief cones with our award-winning distillate hash oil, which is a potent cannabis oil that we dip our joints into to make into kief cones. Our kief cones are made with distillate, which is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges. You can buy this distillate in our syringes to infuse your own cones or use it as a bowl topper or vape cart refill. Once the joints are dipped in oil, we roll them in kief.

  • Kief: Kief is the leftover resin glands found on cannabis flowers. These resin glands, called trichomes, contain the highest concentrations of THC and pack the biggest punch. When separated from cannabis flowers, kief can be used as a bowl topper or added to infused products to add more potency to smokable cannabis. Kief can be anywhere up to 70% THC while flower tends to be anywhere between 10-30%.

Why Medical Patients Love Kief Cones

Distillate like this is used to make kief cones.

Many medical patients who are partial to flower and pre-rolls in general are gravitating towards our infused pre-rolls for a variety of reasons. For one thing, they last longer and offer a higher dose of THC quickly and efficiently. But to summarize, medical patients love kief pre-rolls because:

  • They're made with flower, distillate hash oil, and kief. In some cases, we even add wax.

  • They range in potency from 25-40% THC

  • They burn longer

  • The high lasts longer

  • They're great for social sessions

  • They make it easy to get a variety of therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes into the body

  • They come in a ton of different strains, and can be made with indica, sativa, or hybrid flower/hash.

How Are Kief Cones Made?

Pre-rolled joints with wax and kief, kief-cones, wax-cones, and etc are all basically made the same way. They are all made by stuffing a RAW cone (or of course, a pearled one rolled by hand if you're the DIY type) with cannabis that has been mixed with kief (or in some cases, wax crumbles). From there, the cone is closed and then coated with distillate or hash oil using heat and a small brush. When the hash cools, the cone is then rolled in kief to cover the hash. If you're just making a kief cone, that's it! However, from there you'll also have the opportunity to get creative. You can take your kief cone a step further by taking some taffy-textured shatter (called pull and snap) and twisting it around the cone. You can also do the same with other concentrates, or stuff your cone with moonrocks/caviar instead of plain flower. There are so many ways to make your own kief cones.

Distillate syringes can also be used to make kief cones.

What Makes a Quality Kief Cone?

When looking for a quality kief cone or kief pre-roll, you'll want to start by making sure that you're using good starting materials. If you use inferior cannabis flowers, kief, or wax, you're going to have an inferior smoke. Take care to ensure that the hash oil or distillate or wax you use is evenly distributed throughout the cone. If you have too much hash in the cone distributed unevenly, the cone will burn unevenly and possibly even go out, making it difficult to relight. When we asked our lab specialist what makes a kief cone GOOD, he said "It all starts with good material and good production practices. The best way to ensure quality is to buy from The Epic Remedy. If the cone looks solid, clean, and even then it is probably good to go."

Are There Other Ways to Infuse Pre-Rolls?

Use high-quality Epic Remedy flower to make your own kief cones.

Realistically speaking, absolutely! There are many different ways to infuse pre-rolls with wax, kief, shatter, and hash oil. The most common infused pre-rolls are kief-cones, though you can add concentrates to the inside of the pre-roll or on the surface. Many infused pre-rolls utilize hash oil or distillate to help make the kief stick, though wax and shatter can also be added to the inside or outside of a cone. With infused pre-rolls, you can really get creative. Dip your pre-roll in hash oil, coat it in kief, and then twist some shatter around the outside to make it burn for a very long time and add extra potency. You can even take crumbly wax and add it to the flower in your cone before rolling it up for a long-lasting and extra potent smoke sesh.

How To Add Kief To A Cone

If you've come this far and you're asking yourself how to add kief to your own cones, you're not alone. This is a question we get pretty often regarding our own kief pre-rolls. To get started, you'll first need to collect a few ingredients:

  • Rolling paper and filter

  • Kief (collected from your three-chamber grinder, or purchased from a dispensary)

  • Distillate syringe or hash oil

  • Cannabis and grinder

  • Rolling tray / rolling machine

  • Torch

From there, you'll follow the instructions.

  1. Sprinkle a bit of kief (or wax) into the ground up cannabis you will be adding to your cone and mix thoroughly.

  2. Roll the cone as you normally would, using a rolling machine or your own hands.

  3. Heat up distillate until the texture is malleable, approaching a liquid state but never getting too hot to begin cooking out the cannabinoids.

  4. Once heated, lightly dip your joint into the distillate. If you're using hash oil, make sure you don't soak your pre-roll. If using hash oil, brush it on with a small paintbrush to avoid making the flower inside your cone too wet to spark.

  5. Allow your dipped pre-rolls to cool slightly until you reach a slightly tacky, sticky texture. (If you're using hash oil, you can skip this step since you want your cone to be damp enough to collect the kief. In its normal state, it's usually good to go and you don't want to waste time and have it dry up on you.)

  6. Roll the dipped pre-roll in kief until thoroughly coated.

  7. Allow the cone to fully dry, and then spark it up and enjoy!

You can also experiment with your own infusions by adding shatter or wax to the inside or outside. This will boost the potency and make for a long-lasting smoke sesh. Best of all, all of the ingredients are available at The Epic Remedy, except for kief which most patients collect on their own by running cannabis flowers through a 3-chamber grinder.

Full Kief Cone Interview with Epic Remedy lab director and extract specialist, Dustin Taylor

Interested in the full scoop? Here's our latest interview with Epic Remedy lab director and extract specialist, Dustin Taylor. He answered all of our questions surrounding kief cones and touched on how they're made here in-house. Check it out:

This cannabis distillate was made by our lab director, Dustin Taylor.

Q: What goes into making kief cones?

A: We start by stuffing each cone with .8g of cannabis and then we coat the outside of the cone with our award winning distillate by warming it and then brushing onto the outside of the cone. Once cooled, the cone is then rolled in kief to cover the distillate. The kief is made by sifting flower through a silk screen. The wax infused cones are made with .8g of cannabis and .2g of wax and are stuffed one at a time to ensure consistency throughout the cone.

Q: How long do they last/burn?

A: In my experience, a single kief cone will last through two smoke sessions with two people. They burn slower due to the hash involved. The wax infused cones burn a bit faster than the kief cones but will still I get three smoke sessions out of it by a single person. Obviously this also depends on the smoker.

Q: How potent are they?

A: Typically kief cones will be somewhere in the 30%-40% range and the wax infused cones hit in the 25%-35% Range. Give or take a few percent on those numbers based on strain and other factors.

Q: What products are used to make ER Kief Cones?

A: It all starts with a RAW brand cone and the same great cannabis you find on our shelves. Then comes the distillate, which is the same distillate you will find in our Terp Pen Vape Cartridges and our syringes. Last but not least, the kief comes into play. The kief is made by sifting flower through a silk screen.

Q: Can patients make their own Kief Cones using products we sell? The only thing we do not sell in our stores is the kief itself. You could use a distillate syringe to play around with your own cone infusions, and if you have a kief collector on your grinder or storage container you can absolutely use that kief as it doesn’t take a lot. Or, you could always make kief using our flower or shake bags.

Q: What does the process look like from inside the lab?

A: In the lab, we use hydrocarbons for the initial extractions of the hash and then we perform a wiped film molecular distillation to ensure that the distillate used is completely free of any undesirable substances that might be found in the plant (i.e. Chlorophyll, Fats, and Lipids). When making the kief we use a silk screen with a specific micron size so that trichome heads can fit through the mesh leaving behind the plant material.

Q: Does The Epic Remedy offer any other types of infused pre-rolls? How are those made?

A: I touched on the Wax Infused cones in a previous question but they are made with .8g of flower mixed with .2g of dry wax. Each cone is made individually to ensure the product is consistent and burns evenly throughout.

Q: What do you like/dislike about kief/wax cones?

A: To start, I like that they are different and hold a wow factor. This makes them great for social smoke sessions (when we can get back to doing that sort of thing). They are highly effective, delivering a high concentration of THC in small doses. They are convenient and ready to light up right out of the tube. The only downfall I see is that if you are smoking one of these cones, you might not want to have anything serious or major planned as they tend to hit hard.

Q: Are kief cones good for medical patients?

A: I would say if you already smoke flower, you are probably good to on these as a patient and as before mentioned they will deliver a lot more THC with less smoking. These cones could be a bit harsh and overpowering for anyone not used to smoking flower and concentrates or anyone with a low tolerance.

Q: How is the oil/wax for the cones made?

A: The Distillate is made using a liquid hydrocarbon extraction followed by a de-waxing and a molecular distillation. The wax is extracted using propane and is then purges and whipped into a crumble style wax.

Q: How is the kief collected?

A: Kief is made by sifting flower through a silk screen mesh. We use a specific micron mesh that allows trichome heads to move through while keeping out the plant material.

Q: How do you determine if the cone is indica, sativa, or hybrid?

A: This is still determined by strain. If we use Indica flower we will use indica concentrates to infuse. We try to do strain specifics as well but a lot of the mixes are planned to go well together.

Q: How do you get yours to burn so much more evenly than other cones from other places?

A: This is achieved by ensuring that the hash used to infused is dispersed evenly throughout the cone. If you have a higher concentration of distillate or wax in a certain part of the cone, it will begin to burn unevenly.

Q: What makes a kief cone GOOD?

A: It all starts with good material and good production practices. The best way to ensure quality is to buy from The Epic Remedy. If the cone looks solid, clean, and even then it is probably good to go.

Q: How many infused cones do we go through in a month, and are they sold in other dispensaries?

A: We move through about 200 kief cones and wax cones in a single store in a month. They are sold sparingly in other medical stores but you will find them more prominent in Rec stores. Not our kief cones, though. We keep those in-house, unlike our concentrates which can be found in many medical dispensaries here in Colorado Springs.

Crumbly wax can also be used to make kief cones and wax-infused pre-rolls.

(All photos were taken by Dustin Kennedy, Outdo Worldwide 2020)

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