The Best Holiday Weed Deals In Colorado Springs

Looking for the best deals on medical cannabis here in Colorado Springs for the holidays? Look no further than The Epic Remedy. Here you can find tons of deals and specials on products the whole month through. Below is a list of everything we have going on for deals this month (and all the time). Check it out:

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It's the season of giving gifts and sharing memories! Visit any of our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries and cash in on a few great bundles this holiday. We're proud to offer one of the largest selections of the best cannabis deals in Colorado Springs this season. Check 'em out:

  • Buy two terp pens for $60 and get a free battery and charger

  • Buy two live resin carts for $80 and get a free battery and charger

  • Get two grams of wax and a joint for $40

  • Get an 1/8th of flower and a gram of wax or an infused pre-roll for $35

  • Buy one Dixie product, get another one 25% off

  • More TBA


Every day through December 24th, we're putting a different and exciting new item on sale for you to try out at a severe discount. Each location is offering a different item of the day in addition to our regular daily deals and specials. Remember, if you stop by 12 times and collect 12 stamps, we'll hook you up with some FREE Epic Remedy apparel and a collectible 2020 Epic Remedy holiday ornament. Let us show you why we're the best dispensary in Colorado Springs.


To really drive home that we offer the best deals on weed in Colorado Springs, we're offering an exciting giveaway this month valued at over $350. To enter, simply stop in and shop. Spend $100 or more and gain an automatic entry into the giveaway. You may also purchase additional raffle tickets at $5 apiece. This month's giveaway is for a Pulsar Axial Mini e-Nail Kit, which comes with both quartz and titanium nails, an adapter to fit most glass, the e-nail itself, and a carb cap. We're also throwing in a free glass banger and some house concentrates.


Since December is the season of gift-giving, gift certificates are now available at The Epic Remedy. They can be purchased in any amount in any denomination from $10-$100 and work in-store just like cash. They make a great stocking stuffer or addition to your Christmas cards! Just remember to keep in mind that we are a MEDICAL ONLY facility. If you're thinking about getting a gift certificate for someone who doesn't have their own medical marijuana card, consider a different gift option instead since they won't be able to redeem the gift certificate on their own. Gift Certificates can only be purchased and redeemed by medical cardholders. We are a fully compliant medical-only facility and we DO NOT serve recreational cannabis users.


Even if you're not cashing in on our holiday bundles and events, you can still clash in on these deals every day of the week. Come to the best dispensary in Colorado Springs to see why our patients are saying that we offer the best cannabis deals in town.

  • ​Monday: $5 off 1/2 ounces of flower ​

  • Tuesday: Grams of hash for $16, $17, or $18​

  • Wednesday: $5 off vape carts ​

  • Thursday: 10% off THC-infused beverages

  • ​Friday: 10% off CBD products ​

  • Saturday: 10% off manager-select edibles ​

  • Sunday: Take $2 off any 1/8th of flower


While we're offering an exciting giveaway for December, we like to keep the ball rolling all year long. As the best dispensary in Colorado Springs, we make it possible for all of our patients to enjoy a variety of exciting deals, specials, and events every month, with the crown jewel of our service being our monthly giveaway. In the past, we've given away a variety of awesome prizes, including a Puffco Peak, a Pax 3 Dual-Use vaporizer, a magical butter machine, and tons of cannabis prizes. Anyone who shops with us can participate and win. We encourage you to shop with us moving forward for your chance to win an exciting cannabis prize.

  • New giveaway prize announced on the 1st of each month. Win FREE cannabis prizes and accessories valued at well over $100.

  • You can pay $5 for a raffle ticket, or get a FREE raffle ticket by spending $100 or more in store. ​

  • You MUST include your full name and contact information in the form of an email address or phone number.

  • Monthly games and events for Remedy Rewards dollars will be announced on our website, so keep an eye on our blog


This season, if you sign up for our loyalty program online, we'll give you 10 bonus rewards points to use towards our excellent cannabis rewards. Soft-flex: we offer the best rewards program in Colorado Springs and we'd love for you to join our Epic Fam to save money on your favorite products, get notified about exclusive deals, and get free stuff!

  • Every dollar you spend will earn you one point towards cannabis, products, and accessories.

  • Get a free gift and 10 bonus points on your birthday (you must tell us when your birthday is!)

  • Get 10 additional points at sign-up

  • Get exclusive deals and discounts when you sign up for our SMS program


In case you haven't delved deep into everything we do here, there are a lot of additional ways to save on weed while shopping with The Epic Remedy this holiday. These incentives are always available.

  • Mention us in a post on Instagram and get 5% off your next purchase.

  • Find the secret code in the weekly strain review on our blog to save 5%.

  • Military, students, seniors, and cannabis industry workers take an additional 10% off.

  • Early Bird Special - Daily from 9 AM to 11 AM (Take $2 off any 1/8th of flower)

  • Refer a friend and you'll both get bonus loyalty points, a pre-roll, and FREE apparel.

  • Leave us a review on any site for a FREE pre-roll. (If you name-drop any of our staff members, they'll get free stuff!)

  • Come in on your birthday: Get $10 off 1g of wax/shatter or 50% off of an 1/8th of flower

Thanks, Epic Fam!

While we still have a lot going on this month, we also wanted to take some time to say thanks for donating so many unwrapped gifts to our holiday Hope & Home toy drive this year. We had 13 days to collect gifts and we collected 50 awesome presents for boys and girls aged 2-12. We appreciate everyone who took the time and spent the money to do some good within our community this month. With that said, we're always looking for more local causes to support. If you (or anyone you know) know of a nonprofit, charity, or community project in need of help, labor, funds, or items to support the cause, please get in touch with us here. You can fill out a form on this page to let us know what you're involved with and how we can help.

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