September Giveaway Winners + October Giveaway Announcement

What is HAPPENING Epic Fam? Earlier this month, we announced the winners for our August giveaway and all the details for our September giveaway.

Today, we went ahead and collected all of your entries at all three of our Colorado Springs dispensaries for our September PAX III dual-use vaporizer giveaway. After we weeded out the entries that didn't have phone numbers on them we went ahead and drew 3 names to hand-select the grand-prize winner and our two runners-up. You can watch us draw the winning tickets in the video below.

Our grand prize goes to Evan C, who collected the grand prize, the PAX III, and a free gram. We'll be calling to let them know they've won and how to come in and collect the prizes.

Our two-runners-up are Shannon and Adam who will both be getting some free swag and a $1 gram.

Before we selected names this time, we sorted out the entries that didn't have any contact information on them. You guys, seriously. We want you to WIN! Please remember to put SOME kind of contact information on your raffle tickets so you can play! We don't use them for anything other than the giveaways and promptly shred them when we're finished, so have no fear, they're in safe hands. We just need them so we can call you when you win!

Regardless, we were super stoked to run this giveaway and we had a blast with it! We had a great turnout for entries this month, and we'd love to see you all again this month for another exciting giveaway. So without further ado, announcing our October Giveaway:

October Giveaway Announcement:

Eager to keep the ball rolling, we're ready to run another raffle! This month, our grand-prize giveaway is ((f e s t i v e)), playing on a grown-up Halloween basket theme. The basket contains a huge variety of your favorite products, including flower, concentrates, cartridges, and of course, edibles (trick or treat!). The contents of this basket alone are valued at over $200.

Contents include:

  • One Indica 1/8th

  • One Sativa 1/8th

  • One gram of Wax

  • One gram of Live Resin

  • One Wax-Infused Pre-Roll

  • One Live Resin Cartridge

  • One Battery (for the cartridge)

  • 100mg Boulder Bar

  • Robhots Gummies

  • Incredibles Gummies

Like our other giveaways, we'll also be selecting 2 additional names for the runner-ups. While they won't be taking home the grand prize, we're not sending them home empty-handed. The runners-up will walk away with some free swag and a $1 gram.

How To Win

To win any of our monthly giveaways, all you have to do is stop in and shop. We don't have memberships or anything, so it's open to anyone and everyone who shops at the dispensary.

You can gain FREE entry to the raffle by simply spending $100 or more. However, if you're just stopping in to give us a try, you can also purchase a ticket for $5. PLEASE remember to write your name and contact information on your ticket to win. If we can't contact you, your entry is invalid!

A couple of disclaimers: You MUST be a medical cannabis patient with a valid ID and medical card to shop, enter and win. You must also remember to include your contact info on your ticket, or your entry will be discarded.

On November 1st, we will announce the winners of our October giveaway along with the details for the November giveaway.

Watch Us Pick The Winners and Announce Our October Giveaway

We always draw names on camera for transparency and also to express how friggin excited we are for the winner and for the next drawing. What do you think of the latest giveaway? Watch the official announcement below and let us know.

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