October Giveaway Winners + November Giveaway Announcement

How's it going, Epic Fam! We're back today to announce the winners of our October giveaway and share with you the details for our November giveaway.

October Giveaway by The Epic Remedy
October Giveaway grand prize

We had a great turnout for raffle entries last month. In our October giveaway, we collected entries from all three of our Colorado Springs dispensaries. One lucky winner took home the grand prize, which played on an adult Halloween-basket theme. The contents inside were valued at over $200 and included One Indica 1/8th, One Sativa 1/8th, One gram of Wax, One gram of Live Resin, One Wax-Infused Pre-Roll, One Live Resin Cartridge, One Battery (for the cartridge), a 100mg Boulder Bar, a pack of Robhots Gummies, and a pack of Incredibles Gummies. After removing a few entries with no last name or contact info, we drew three names. You can watch us draw the winning tickets in the video below.

Our grand prize goes to Gabe E., who will take home the basket of cannabis prizes. We will call and leave a message to let them know they've won and how they can collect their prize at our North Academy location.

Our 2nd and 3rd prize winners are Shanna B. and Francesca C. who will both be taking home a cannabis prize and some free swag. We'll also be calling them and leaving them a message for pickup instructions.

This month, mostly everybody did great at including their first and last names and their contact information on their raffle tickets. We didn't have to throw any of them away. As a friendly reminder, please do not forget to include your name and contact information on your entry. Our budtenders do their best to remind everyone to include this information, so help us help you! Entries that do not have a way for us to contact you will be discarded - no exceptions! Just keep in mind that we don't use this information for any other reason than the monthly giveaway. All personal information is shredded after the fact. We just need this so we can contact you if you win.

But, that said, we still had an excellent giveaway turnout in October and we're super excited to run another one. Check out the details for our November giveaway below.

Eyeball Guess-How Many Game

This month we also ran another giveaway for a chance to win 25 Remedy Rewards dollars, which can be used towards anything in-store. We had a total of 94 eyeballs in our eyeball jar. 2 patients were right on the money with a guess of 94 eyeballs. We also had a 3rd place runner up with a guess of 93. We'll be calling to let the winners, Sara R., Trevor B., and Robert S. know they won and how to pick up their prize at our North Academy location.

November Giveaway Announcement

Just in time for the holidays comes the grand prize for our November giveaway. This month, we're giving away a Magical Butter machine, valued at ~$200, as well as a bit of Epic Remedy flower for you to test in your new machine.

The Magical Butter machine is a one-of-a-kind countertop kitchen appliance that allows you to extract cannabinoids from cannabis and infuse it into butter, oil, tinctures, lotions, drinks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sauces, candies, and more. The device combines an immersion blender with a heating unit to help you make perfectly dosed cannabis edibles with virtually zero labor. All you have to do is add some Epic Remedy flower or shake to the machine and it will do the rest. The Magical Butter machine can grind, heat, stir, and steep cannabis extracts at the correct temperatures and time intervals to make perfectly dosed homemade edible infusions every time.

Magical Butter Machine
Magical Butter Machine via magicalbutter.com

If you're having a Friendsgiving or Christmas party this year, imagine all of the wonderful recipes you can make with a handful of Epic Remedy flower and the Magical Butter Machine. Take the stress out of the holidays with perfectly-dosed, homemade edibles that are much more affordable to make than the edibles you can buy at the dispensary. They even offer a dosage calculator so you know exactly what to expect while experimenting on your own.

Like our other giveaways, we'll also be selecting 2 additional names for the runner-ups. While they won't be taking home the grand prize, we're not sending them home empty-handed. The runners-up will walk away with some free swag and a $1 gram. On December 1st, we will select the grand prize winner of our November giveaway

How To Win

To win the Magical Butter Machine (or any of our monthly giveaways!) please adhere to these rules. It's pretty simple! Just stop in, shop, and include your contact info on your ticket. On December 1st, we'll select the winners and announce our next monthly giveaway.

  • Anyone can enter the monthly giveaway as long as they are valid medical marijuana cardholders.

  • You can pay $5 for a raffle ticket, or get a FREE raffle ticket by spending $100 or more in store.

  • You MUST include your full name and contact information in the form of an email address or phone number. If you don't include a way for us to contact you, your entry is invalid and will be discarded - NO EXCEPTIONS. Our budtenders do their best to remind everybody to include this info, so please help us help you!

  • All of the entries from all three of our stores will be thrown together in the drawing. If your name is selected, you will claim your prize at our NORTH ACADEMY location regardless of where you entered.

  • We will select THREE WINNERS. The first name we draw will take home the grand prize, and we'll have two smaller prizes set aside for the 2nd and 3rd names drawn.

  • Winners will be announced on the first of each month along with the details for that month's giveaway.

Watch Us Pick The October Winners and Announce Our November Giveaway

We always do our best to select winners on camera for transparency. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to stay up to date on contest information. You can also sign up to receive our text messages to stay in the loop on all things Epic Remedy, including flash sales and deals that we only extend to our Epic Fam. Don't worry about spam either, we usually only send text messages once every few weeks.  What do you think of the latest giveaway? Watch the official announcement below and let us know.

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