Epic Remedy Strain Profile: Punch Breath

How's it going, EpicFam? Today we'll be diving into the ins and outs of our patient-favorite Punch Breath strain. Be sure to look out for the secret code hidden within this strain profile. You can use the code to get 5% off your next purchase when you tell your budtender what it is. Just keep in mind that secret codes are only good one time, and expire after one week.

*Ahem*, back to the subject at hand: here's our profile and a brief review of our Punch Breath strain. If you've had the chance to visit any of our Colorado Springs medical dispensaries lately, you were probably recommended Punch Breath for an Indica or for something to help you manage your pain, improve your appetite, or help you sleep. As a 90/10 Indica-dominant hybrid, Punch Breath is one of the most powerful cannabis medicines out there for managing deep-rooted stress, depression, and physical ailments like muscle spasms, nausea, and headaches. Below you'll find our complete Punch Breath strain profile as well as a short personal review that'll cover everything you can expect with the Punch Breath strain or Punch Breath vape cartridges and Punch Breath concentrates.

Punch Breath by The Epic Remedy
Punch Breath by The Epic Remedy

The Quick Rundown: Punch Breath Strain Profile:

To keep it simple, you can get the quick facts about the Punch Breath strain below. The effects we're outlining are based on Punch Breath flower, though the terpene and cannabinoid content translates well into the effects of our Punch Breath concentrates and vape cartridges. Just remember that our Punch Breath concentrates and vape cartridges will have a higher potency than what we've listed below. Concentrates range from 70-95% THC.

Lineage/Genetics: (Larry OG X Granddaddy Purple) Purple Punch X Mendo Breath (OG Kush Breath X Mendo Montage) by Symbiotic Genetics

Classification: 90/10 Indica-dominant hybrid

Potency: THC dominant, 24-27% THC

Primary Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene

Appearance: Extremely frosty football-shaped nugs. Light green and purple hues throughout. Sandy orange to orange-red pistils.

Flavors: Tart, fruity, and herbaceous. Funky earthy aftertaste. Think fruit punch and body odor, but like, in a good way.

Aromas: Tropical and fruity with a uniquely sweet, herbal musk.

Effects: Sedative and relaxing. Calming mental effects and deeply soothing physical effects. Melts away stress and leaves you feeling uplifted, happy, and munchy.

Medical Uses: Pain, lack of appetite, sleep-related conditions, nausea, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety.

Possible Negatives: Couch-lock, hunger, dry eyes, and cottonmouth are all possible side effects.

In-Depth Details: Punch Breath Strain Profile

Punch Breath is a 90/10 Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was originally bred by California-based Symbiotic Genetics, who are the masterminds behind other Cali-exotic strains like Mimosa, Wedding Crasher, and Banana Punch. They took F2 cuts (which are double-crossed) of both Mendo Breath and Purple Punch to create an uber-frosty, extra-potent love-child of high-yields and tropical fruit flavors. While each garden varies, the strain is known to produce anywhere from 24-30% THC, making it a great choice for potent cannabis flower medicine and for making it into concentrates.

While her potency levels are impressive, Punch Breath is truly a sight to behold. She grows tall, bushy foliage with dark green to purple water leaves during the veg cycle, and takes on a crystalline, alien-like appearance when she begins flowering. Each massive cola produces insane amounts of THC-rich trichome heads that give the plant, the sugar leaves, and the flowers a frosty white appearance. When the flowers are dried, her flowers retain a lot of that crystalline blanket, though it becomes a little easier to make out some of the finer details of her appearance. Dried Punch Breath flowers are mostly light green with copper-colored pistils, though in cooler temperatures she produces a lot more purple coloration than most. With hues of sage and royal purple beneath a thick mask of silvery trichomes and vibrant orange pistils, she's a beauty. She also tends to produce big colas and big buds.

Punch Breath flowers by The Epic Remedy
Photo by @yo_bridge on Instagram

While growing, Punch Breath can stink up a room in the best of ways. A lot of home-growers compare her scent to that of Hawaiian Punch or Crunch Berries with a lovely funk to it. Each sticky little flower breaks apart to reveal more trichomes, and when she's ground up, notes of tart fruit and a unique sour kick take center stage. Punch Breath has a sweet, earthy funk that smells a lot like a sweet body odor -- a body odor that hasn't become offensive just yet. Dried flowers are extremely fruity and tropical, with less-aggressive B.O. terps, likely in thanks to her Limonene, Pinene, and b-Caryophyllene terpenes. (learn more about the Entourage Effect)

Like its aroma, Punch Breath also offers exciting tropical fruit flavors and a sharp funky aftertaste. When smoked, Punch Breath flowers display a bright tart flavor on the tongue. The unique B.O. aroma comes and goes pretty quickly during the initial inhale and rush, but fades into a delightfully fruity aftertaste. The smoke is a little sour and peppery, so there's a good chance that it'll make you cough. However, the final impression is very, very sweet and fruity. Think berry, cherry, and purple. Much like the aroma profile, many patients compare the flavor of Punch Breath to Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles cereals with a herbaceous funk behind it.

Beautiful flavors and aromas come together to make for an exciting smoke with a lot of different effects, namely, physical effects. As a supremely-potent indica-dominant hybrid, Punch Breath offers a great mix of euphoric cerebral bliss and strong physical sedation. For the average user, the effects take hold practically instantly with a generous headrush that blasts away feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression with a happy, giggly, and uplifting sensation. After the initial rush, Punch Breath and its THC settle in the limbs, providing deep physical relief to sore muscles and areas of chronic pain. Punch Breath is also likely to hit your stomach hard, making it easy to manage nausea or a lack of appetite. It's also pretty likely that it'll help you slow down and drift off to a night of deep, peaceful sleep. Overall, the effects are predominantly in the body, leaving you feeling mellowed out in the body and uplifted and relaxed in the brain.

Punch Breath's potency and range of physical and mental effects make it an obvious choice for medical marijuana patients. It's heavy helping of THC paired with its sedative, soothing, and uplifting effects make it a good choice for managing a plethora of illnesses and ailments, including depression, anxiety, and chronic stress alongside physical ailments like muscle spasms, chronic pain or arthritis, nausea, lack of appetite, sleep-related conditions, and similar symptoms. As a sleepy nighttime strain, Punch Breath is one of our best-selling medicines.

All in all, Punch Breath is a powerful nighttime strain that can be used to manage a variety of ailments and conditions. It boasts amazing flavors, sharp aromas, and some of the highest potencies you can find in cannabis flowers, making it one of our favorite strains to grow and offer to our medical marijuana patients here in Colorado Springs. Below, we'll dive into a personal review of the Punch Breath strain.

The Epic Remedy's Punch Breath Strain Review

Mendo Breath is unapologetically one of my favorite strains. Mendo Breath, and literally every other strain crossed with it, is just funky and dank and delicious. On the other hand, BOY do I love me some Purple Punch. Those dank, purpley flavors along with the THC content make it a winner in my book, regardless of its classification as an Indica.

Punch Breath flowers in a jar by The Epic Remedy
Punch Breath Flowers - Photo by @yo_bridge on Instagram

Some days, Indica's are just warranted. My Monday had me all sorts of crazy, running around town handling business and doing errands for friends. Basically, I bit off more than I could chew and went absolutely nanners around 5 PM. The rushing makes me a full-fledged nutbag. Stress ain't easy, friends. It really just takes it out of you. And as much as I enjoy a beer to unwind after days like that, I try and limit myself to the weekends. Luckily, I grabbed 1/2 ounce of a few different strains last week including the 3 OG's strain I covered last week. One of the other baggies was Punch Breath, another potent indica. I figured, hey man, I have a review to write AND I want to behave myself, so TLDR; I grabbed some of that and got to business.

I took great care to make sure that I was paying attention to the experience this time, from baggie to lungs. My first impression is that the nugs in the bag were thicc and dense as heck. They were visibly sticky, too - coated in a thick blanket of trichomes. Underneath the crystalline appearance, they had extremely vibrant and colorful shades of green and purple hidden behind copper-toned orange pistils. Each nug in my bag was dense, round, sticky, and stanky.

The stink was a lot like Mendo Breath's unique funk. Mostly, it was bright and herbaceous with a tart, sour citrusy aroma. When I broke some of them apart to load into a bowl, they took on an extremely fruity tropical scent. My first impression was "mmmmmm,, GUSHERS" though I could see why a lot of people say that Punch Breath flowers smell like fruity breakfast cereal. It's definitely a mix of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Jammers, sweetness, and fruit snacks: the makings of an excellent elementary sack-lunch. My mouth was watering as I was packing up.

When I was finally able to taste that sweet (( f r u i t )) funk, I was very impressed with the integrity of the terpenes. Punch Breath tastes just like it smells - delicious. It packs a powerful tropical fruit punch on the inhale. The smoke itself is incredibly sweet, though a little sour. It didn't make me cough much, but I'm sure if I went full-send and hit it in a bigger bong, it probably would. The aftertaste was definitely weed-tinged. The unique stinky sourness present on the nugs before you break them up was basically the aftertaste. Notes of fruit and sweetness with an almost stinky-socks flavor; but in a good way.

As I sat appreciating the flavors of the Punch Breath strain, the effects crept up on me. I had a nice little rush to the head where I was flooded with calm. Feelings of anger, anxiety, stress, and worry melted away and I was able to find my bearings and unwind. Punch Breath made it easy for me to let go of things that I had no control over and check my thought processes so that I could get it together and feel better. It was a notably uplifting session. However, after a couple of minutes, I settled into a comfortable headspace and allowed the strain to spread to my body.

Punch Breath couchlocked me, but it wasn't the kind of couchlock where you get kinda cranky that you feel so heavy. It was soothing and mellow, and I experienced a calm, uplifted feeling in my head throughout the entire high. When it settled into my body, I was able to lie down, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the season finale of Westworld. It did make me noticeably hungry, which is always a perk for me. When I have a bad day with my anxiety or I get too stressed out, my appetite usually goes right out the window. But with Punch Breath, I was able to get a good meal in my belly and relax. The worst of the day was over and I felt good - plain and simple.

Punch Breath flowers by The Epic Remedy
Punch Breath Nugs

After a few hours of Punch Breath bliss, I drifted off into a comfortable, restful sleep. It helped me to sleep through the night and I woke up the next morning feeling completely refreshed, though very hungry. If I had to rate my experience, I'd have to give her a 10. Punch Breath is a powerful nighttime medicine that tastes and smells great and offers a good mix of mental effects and physical effects that make battling mental health issues, pain, and lack of appetite issues a snap to manage. If you haven't had the chance to try Punch Breath from The Epic Remedy for yourself, now is your chance!

Your secret code for a 5% discount on your next purchase is "Kool-Aid Jammers", so stop by the best dispensary in Colorado Springs today and give 'er a chance. We think our medical patients will love this nighttime strain for its soothing mental effects and deep physical relaxation.

Last but not least, keep in mind that The Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, so the Punch Breath flower you'll try also come in house-made vape cartridges and a variety of different concentrates. The variety of products and 50+ strain variety of unique and exciting strains (Including Punch Breah) makes The Epic Remedy the best dispensaries in Colorado Springs. If you've tried Punch Breath, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment! Your reviews on our strain profiles help other patients learn about a variety of effects since every strain affects every person a little differently. Your feedback can help other members of the EpicFam pick the best medicine to suit their needs.

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