Epic Remedy Strain Profile: Pac-10

How's it going Epic Fam! We're back again this week with our latest strain profile and review. This week we're covering everything you need to know about the super-rare, ultra-mellow Pac-10 strain. As always, be on the lookout for the secret code within this text so you can get a sweet lil' 5% discount on your next purchase at our medical dispensaries. Just find it, let your budtender know what it is, and save! Keep in mind that our secret codes are only valid for one week, but that's okay because we publish a new one every Tuesday.

Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about our popular Pac-10 strain! (P.S - You'll find that secret code within the detailed review below.)

Pac-10 cannabis flowers by The Epic Remedy

The Quick Rundown: The Epic Remedy's Pac-10 Strain Profile

If you're visiting us from our strain archive, you're probably just here for some quick facts on the Pac-10 strain to get an idea of how it might affect you. You can find the most important details about the strain below. Remember, the strain profile and review is covering our Pac-10 flower. The effects and flavors are still similar in concentrates and vape cartridges made with the Pac-10 strain, though. The only real difference is that Pac-10 concentrates and Pac-10 vape cartridges are much more potent than the flower, weighing in between 70-99% THC.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown - the original breeders keep their recipe locked up tight.

Classification: 50/50 hybrid

Potency: THC dominant, 18-23% THC

Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, and Limonene

Appearance: Dense, round nugs ranging in shades of green and gold with a thick layer of trichomes and sandy orange pistils.

Flavors: Sweet and spicy flavor, very earthy and peppery smoke with hints of citrus fruits for the aftertaste.

Aromas: Earthy, citrusy funk with a bright herbaceousness in the bag and a dank spicy fruit scent when ground.

Effects: Mellow yet energetic and uplifting cerebral effect that fades into a soothing body high that helps without reducing energy levels.

Medical Uses: Stress, fatigue, lack of motivation, difficulty focusing, depression, headaches or migraines, nausea, lack of appetite, tension, chronic pain, and muscle spasms.

Possible Negatives: Dry eyes and cottonmouth are the most common side effects of the Pac-10 strain. In high doses, Pac-10 may also cause anxiety or couch-lock.

In-Depth Details: Pac-10 Strain Profile

Pac-10, sometimes known as"Pac", is one of the rarer strains on our menu, though it's definitely become quite a fan favorite among our medical patients. It's easy to see why though, as Pac-10 boasts beautiful, frosty flowers, excellent middle-of-the-road potency levels (between 18-23%), and a unique scent and flavor profile that's guaranteed to delight your senses. The most interesting thing about the strain however is that nobody knows its true origins, except for the original breeder of course. We don't know its lineage or where exactly it came from, but we do know that it has all the makings of a great medical marijuana strain.

Pac-10 Flowers in a jar

This mellow yet energetic strain is a great choice at any time of day thanks to its middle-ground potency levels and balanced effects. Pac-10 is considered a beautifully balanced 50/50 hybrid strain, offering you the best traits of both indicas and sativas. Pac-10 can first be felt in the head, encouraging a sense of clarity and a gentle head rush that boosts your natural creativity, motivation, and energy levels. Next comes a generous sensation of calm, leaving you in a cheerful and uplifted mental state while you go about your daily routine or settle into the couch after a long day. As the cerebral effects settle in, Pac-10 makes its way into your body, settling gently in your limbs and appendages and soothing your body without reducing your energetic and cheerful mental effects.

These effects all make for great cannabis medicine. Many of our patients report good luck using the PAC-10 strain against a variety of physical ills and ailments, though the cheery mental effect also assists with other, less-common conditions. Pac-10 is a great choice for managing stress, social anxiety, and depression. However, its motivating and focusing effects can also help battle the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Many of our patients also agree that the mental relief coupled with the physical relief makes it much easier to get in the mood, making sex more enjoyable. On the other hand, the mid-range THC levels allow Pac-10 to be used for many common conditions, like chronic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, nausea, and a lack of appetite at any time of day or night. All in all, Pac-10 slips you into a comfortable headspace allowing you to roll with whatever punches come next or drift off to a peaceful sleep.

Pac-10 is also super easy on the eyes. Each tightly-packed crystalline flower is completely coated in a thick layer of silvery-white trichomes. The nugs come in all shapes and sizes with the majority being thick and round, similar to grapes. They range in color from shades of forest to sage with golden hues throughout, all surrounded by sandy-orange pistils. When grown in cooler climates, she can even throw shades of purple.

The flowers all take on a very unique flavor and aroma, too. While growing, Pac-10 plants have a very natural herbal and earthen aroma. As she dries, more and more scents make an appearance, including that of pepper and spice. When the flowers are ground or chopped up, you can detect a unique, dank funk that leaves a bit of a spicy flavor in your mouth along with some potent citrus fruit notes. The spicy, peppery aroma is the most predominant as the flowers are burned.

The flavor is similar, though notably more earthy and fruity. The first impression of the strain is that of a bright herbaceousness with dank earthy undertones. However, the spice and pepper notes quickly take the center stage as the smoke fills your mouth and lungs. The smoke is uniquely spicy and peppery and bound to make you cough, though the flavor is incredibly enjoyable. The final impression is that of dank citrus and a sweet spice that lingers on the tongue. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind flavor.

While this balanced strain tastes, smells, and looks great, keep in mind that its potency and effects are likely to cause cotton mouth and dry eyes. Be sure to keep something to drink and some eye drops handy. As with many hybrid strains, the sativa effects can be overshadowed by the indica effects when you take a higher than average dose, so if you want to avoid couchlock, start low and go slow. Other than that, Pac-10 is a great choice for novice cannabis patients and seasoned veterans alike thanks to its flavors, appearance, and mix of effects.

The Epic Remedy's Pac-10 Strain Review

Can you believe this friggin' weather? It's windy and frigid today with snow and ice and rain making the occasional appearance. I had my A/C on yesterday for the 95° Monday and now I'm running the heat. Honestly, I'm welcoming it. It's a nice little break from the heat and it's given me some time to actually sit at home and work without being all sad about missing out on the nice weather.

Close up of the Pac-10 strain

So I'm sitting at my desk. Packed bowl in hand. Cat in my lap. And life is good.

In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, Pac-10 chilled me waaaaay out. I'm as high-strung as they come and I absolutely LOVE to complain about cold weather. It's like my favorite thing to complain about. BUT I'm in a very relaxed, mellow, easy-breezy state of mind right now. I was a little stressed out earlier because of deadlines and getting re-organized after the long weekend, but here I am. Cool as a cucumber. Focused, motivated, creative, and ready for whatever comes next.

My first impression of the Pac-10 strain wasn't the effects, though. It was definitely the flavor. I knew I was going to be in for a treat as I was grinding it up and all those dank spicy terps were wafting out, but it didn't fully prepare me for the flavor explosion that ensued. Mouth-watering is a bit of an understatement. The smoke was thick and spicy, but the flavors became so earthy and sweet, yet spicy. Beneath all that noise, the aftertaste was very citrusy and smooth.

As the effects settle in my brain, I find myself feeling very mellowed out, both mentally and physically. There's a deeply calm, warming sensation taking hold of my limbs and fingers that's starting to soothe my achy arms, hands, and lower back. It isn't the sort of soothing that puts you in your jammies and under the covers though. I definitely feel awake and energized, just very calm and cozy.

I'd have to say that Pac-10 thoroughly impressed me. If I had to rate it I'd definitely give it a 9/10. The only area it loses points is because I don't know anything about its genes or lineage. HOWEVER, even as a mystery bag, the strain is still exotic-level beautiful, stupid flavorful, stinky, and relaxing. Seriously though. I can't even express how nice and mellow Pac-10 feels. Take it from someone who doesn't know how to relax, this one will put you in the perfect state of mind for just about anything. Creative work, reading, playing a game, and even hiking or exercising. The potency levels and the long-lasting relief make it a great choice for the busy medical cannabis patient and can help you feel your best while getting things done.

Pac-10 strain by The Epic Remedy

With that being said, if you haven't had the chance to try Pac-10 yet, be on the lookout for it at our Colorado Springs medical dispensaries this week. Oh also, you can use the secret code "SNOW DAY" for 5% off on your next purchase.

Like usual, please remember to keep in mind that The Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, so that scrumptious Pac-10 flower you'll try also come in house-made vape cartridges and a variety of different concentrates. The variety of products and 50+ strain variety of unique and exciting strains (including Pac-10) makes The Epic Remedy the best dispensaries in Colorado Springs. If you've tried it, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment! Your reviews on our strain profiles help other patients learn about a variety of effects since every strain affects every person a little differently. Your feedback can help other members of the EpicFam pick the best medicine to suit their needs.

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