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Happy Hump Day, Epic Fam. We're back this week to touch base on one of the most popular strains of all time: OG Kush. The OG we cultivate here at The Epic Remedy is a very pungent, earthy, and piney cut with a sweet aftertaste. This excellent anytime smoke offers a great mix of physical relief as well as deep cerebral euphoria. Our patients are digging it for its depression and stress-relieving properties as well as its potency against chronic pain.

If you've visited us recently, there's a good chance you've seen it on the shelves at any of our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries. Below, you'll find everything you need to know about the OG strain, including its lineage, scent, flavor, effects, and medical uses. Be sure to keep an eye out within the profile and review for the secret code you can use to take 5% off of your next purchase. As always, be sure to check back next week for the next Epic Remedy strain profile and new secret code, since codes expire after one week. Meet OG:

OG strain profile and review by the epic remedy, colorado springs' best dispensary.

The Quick Rundown: OG Strain Profile

If you're checking out OG Kush after browsing through hybrid strains within our strain archive, you'll find the most important details about the strain below. Keep in mind though that this profile and review is specific to OG flower. Concentrates, vape cartridges, and wax-infused pre-rolls made with OG will smell, taste, and feel similar to the flower, though these products will be much more potent than the numbers we've listed below.

Lineage/Genetics: Chemdawg X Hindu Kush (probably) by an Unknown Breeder

Classification: 50/50 Hybrid

Potency: THC-dominant, 19-26% THC

Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, and b-Caryophyllene

Appearance: Dense, small and medium buds ranging in shades of dark to vibrant green. Bright fiery orange pistils and a blanket of silvery-white trichomes.

Flavors: Sweet and citrusy with a sour spice and a fuel-like kick. Ultimately pungent and earthy.

Aromas: Very earthy with piney, wooden notes throughout. Very strong fuel-like aroma, often compared to strong detergent.

Effects: Strong and unique with deep physical relief and potent cerebral effects. Somewhat creeping head high.

Medical Uses: Body buzz is great for physical relief and chronic pain, headaches, and nausea or lack of appetite. Helpful against depression, stress, and difficulty focusing.

Possible Negatives: Dry eyes, cottonmouth, munchies, and couch lock are all possible side effects.

In-Depth Details: OG Strain Profile

OG (better known as OG Kush) is a 50/50 hybrid cross, though little is known about its exact genetic origins. It's said to have come out of California as a cross between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, though we'll never know the true breeder or true genetics since the strain was born from bagseed. Some people claim that OG is actually a cross between SFV OG and LA Kush, though we're not certain where this idea comes from, considering both of those strains are descendants of true OG Kush. Regardless, the strain checks in at a massive 19-26% THC, offering a huge helping of medicinal cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenes like Myrcene, Limonene, and b-Caryophyllene which all contribute to the strains scent, flavor, and medicinal uses.

OG plants grow in hybrid fashion, throwing traits from both indicas and sativas. They grow both tall and bushy as well as supremely hardy and resistant to pests, which is why many OG cultivators like to grow the strain outside where it can grow to its maximum potential. We grow ours indoors, and work hard to keep her topped, trimmed, and trained from the early stages of her growth to keep her foliage manageable and encourage her to produce the maximum yields. The colas are extremely dense in structure and break into many smaller flowers that range in size but stick to a more spade-shaped structure. Each one comes in a variety of light and dark greens which contrast deeply with the fiery orange and red pistils. Each bud is also covered in a healthy helping of trichomes, as the strain is exceptionally resinous.

OG strain profile and review by the epic remedy, colorado springs' best dispensary.

OG plants are extremely earthy and pungent in terms of fragrance. They give off an earthy, yet citrusy aroma that refines ultimately into a lemon and fuel-tinged scent when the flowers dry. Dry buds are very dank and pungently earthy, though when broken open, they release lots of those lemon and fuel notes. When burned, the buds release a resinous and pungent pine-like aroma alongside a woody and earthy smoke. The lasting impression is that of a strain that smells like lemons, gas, and the standard kush-funk that is often compared to strong detergent.

The flavor profile is a little different than the scent, though. OG Kush tends to lean more on the sweet side in flavor. A big inhale will bring all those pungent and dank notes forward, filling your lungs with a rich, peppery, and fuel-tinged smoke that is sure to make you cough. However, the exhale provides some sweet and sour relief, leaving behind a lemony flavor along with a pungent and earthy aftertaste.

As you breathe out your final exhale, you'll find the effects of OG taking hold rather quickly. Unlike many strains, most users seem to feel it in the body first instead of the head. OG Kush packs a punch with its generous body buzz that leaves you feeling mellow without feeling totally couchlocked, unless of course, you're enjoying it in high doses. After a few minutes, the cerebral effects start to creep up into a generous, euphoric bliss that leaves users feeling focused, creative, mildly energized, and upbeat.

These effects coupled with higher than average levels of THC and therapeutic terpenes like b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene, make OG an exceptionally medicinally valuable strain. The body high is great for physical relief from chronic aches and pains as well as headaches and migraines. However, the strain is also well known for boosting the appetite, so it's great against nausea or a lack of appetite. When the mental effects kick in, patients love the strain for its power against stress, depression, and attention deficit disorders.

However, like most medical cannabis, OG does come along with a few side effects like dry eyes and cottonmouth. Its physical relief may also lead to a case of the munchies or couchlock, too. And for those who are sensitive to THC or the cerebral effects of cannabis, it may cause anxiety. With that in mind, be sure to start with a low dose with any new strain to see how it will affect you before taking a normal dose. Cannabis is an excellent medicine for managing chronic symptoms, but it isn't a cure-all. It's just a safe, effective alternative for the treatment and management of many chronic symptoms.

All in all though, OG is a great choice for Colorado Springs medical marijuana patients seeking relief from physical and mental ailments at any time of day. Its cannabinoid and terpene potencies along with its balanced effects make it one of the most popular choices when it comes to strains among patients who visit our dispensaries here in Colorado Springs.

The Epic Remedy's OG Strain Review

OG is one of those strains that everyone seems to have though there's always a huge difference from dispensary to dispensary when it comes to flavor and potency. I think that has a lot to do with growing conditions more than genetic differences, though. And I think we're pretty lucky with ours here at The Epic Remedy.

OG strain profile and review by the epic remedy, colorado springs' best dispensary.

For one, she photographs beautifully. OG is just absolutely beautiful, and incredibly terpy on the nose. It's one of those strains where you open the bag and just kinda go ooooooh, y'know?

The scent is exceptionally pungent, but the most exciting aspect is that the strain is classic medicine for a reason. OG Kush is amazing for both pain and depression, making it one of my go-to's when I'm having a stressful day at work and need a little pick me up.

The cerebral effects start right behind the eyes and you can feel it soothing and mellowing your body out before it fully hits your mind.

Overall, if you haven't had the chance to try some of it for yourself, be sure to stop by any one of our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries. Just be sure to check out menus or give us a call first before you stop by to make sure that it's in stock at your preferred location. This week's secret code is "OG KUSH". Thanks for checking it out!

As always, keep in mind that The Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, so the OG flower may also come in a variety of house-made vape cartridges and concentrates. Our variety of products and our library of over 40+ unique and exciting strains (including OG) makes The Epic Remedy the best medical dispensaries in Colorado Springs. If you've tried it, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment! Your reviews on our strain profiles help other patients learn about a variety of effects since every strain affects every person a little differently. Your feedback can help other members of the Epic Fam pick the best medicine to suit their needs.

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