Epic Remedy Strain Profile: LA Kush

What's up, Epic Fam? We're back on another blistery Wednesday with another strain profile and review. This week, we're covering everything you need to know about LA Kush, a potend indica-dominant hybrid. Our patients are loving this floral, mint-tinged Kush-fam strain for its potent physical relief and surprisingly cerebral head buzz. This potent bud is a great choice for any time of day, though it's best for nighttime when you need to relax, de-stress, and unwind or manage your chronic pain.

LA Kush can be found pretty regularly on the shelves at our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries, so you've probably seen it out and about this week. Below, we're covering an in-depth strain profile as well as a personal review for LA Kush along with some other key facts, like its lineage, scent, flavor, effects, and medical uses. As always, be on the lookout within this profile and review for the secret code within this text that you can use to take 5% off your next purchase. Remember to check back next week for the next strain profile and secret code since secret codes expire after seven days. That said, meet LA Kush:

LA Kush strain review by The Epic Remedy Colorado Springs Best Dispensary

The Quick Rundown: LA Kush Strain Profile

If you're visiting this page after browsing the Indica strains in our strain archive, this section will highlight the basics at a glance. Just keep in mind that this profile and review covers LA Kush flower. Concentrates, vape cartridges, and wax-infused pre-rolls made with LA Kush will smell, taste, and feel similar to the flower, though these products will be much more potent that the numbers we dropped below.

Lineage/Genetics: (Chemdawg decendent X Hindu Kush) OG Kush X Abusive OG (OG Kush phenotype) by an Unknown Breeder

Classification: 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid

Potency: THC-dominant, 17-22% THC

Primary Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene

Appearance: Medium-dense, rounded flowers with dark to forest green hues throughout. bright orange pistils and lots of frosty trichomes.

Flavors: Floral notes of lavender with a funky kush-like earthiness. Hints of pine throughout and an earthy, minty aftertaste

Aromas: General kush-like funk. Very earthy with hints of pine.

Effects: Bright, happy, euphoric cerebral effects that tend to make you feel both focused and creative. Also quite physically relaxing. In high doses can make you feel sleepy and give you the munchies.

Medical Uses: Cheery mental effects are great for stress and depression, though the focusing effects are also great for ADD/ADHD. Physical effects are great for pain and inflammation, headaches, tremors and muscle spasms. Can help with nausea and lack of appetite as well as insomnia or trouble getting to sleep.

Possible Negatives: Dry eyes and cottonmouth. May cause the munchies. May cause couchlock.

In-Depth Details: LA Kush Strain Profile

LA Kush (not to be confused with OG Los Angeles Kush) is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid checking in at a whopping 17-22% THC, though its genetic origins are a bit of a mystery. While we do know that the strain is undoubtedly a descendent of OG Kush family genetics, there is a bit of speculation surrounding the genetics of the second parent. However, the general consensus is that the second parent is a phenotype of Abusive OG, which is a descendent phenotype of true OG Kush. While the industry believes this is the case, it's hard to say for certain since the strain comes from an unknown west coast breeder.

LA Kush, also called Los Angeles Kush, make for big beautiful plants. LA Kush plants grow in indica-dominant fashion, but do tend to be on the taller side. Like many classic Kush-family strains, they grow into a bushier plant structure with broad dark green to deep, rich blue water leaves. She grows just as tall as she does wide, so she needs a little extra support to encourage the largest flowers into the flowering stage. Her colas are densely packed and on the larger side of the spectrum. They tend to just reek of OG Kush funk and fresh herbs, likely thanks to the presence of b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene terpenes she emits as she reaches maturity. Each massive cola breaks into many smaller, medium-dense buds. As they dry they take on a very subdued dark green color and bright orange pistils, covered entirely in a thick blanket of THC-rich trichomes.

Before she's dried, LA Kush flowers are still fresh and fragrant, taking on a very floral, nearly lavender-like aroma in addition to that classic Kush-family funk. Living flowers are also quite herbaceous, notably of mint or hops. As the buds dry those fresh scents become more subdued, instead being overpowered and almost replaced entirely by the pungent, earthy aromas known from Kush-family strains along with hints of pine and spice. When they're burned, the buds are on the earthier, woodier side of the spectrum, releasing some of those herbaceous notes of mint and pine.

LA Kush strain review by The Epic Remedy Colorado Springs Best Dispensary

The flavor profile is where LA Kush really shines, though. An inhale brings forth a very fragrant mix of lavender and mint, though the smoke itself is similar to OG Kush and even Chemdawg in the sense that it's quite thick and earthy, guaranteed to make you cough in the best of ways. However, the exhale brings out more of those earthen and herbal notes, leaving behind an ultimately palatable and flavorful impression of fresh lavender, mint, and pine as well as a kushy, earthy flavor. All in all, a very pleasant and flavorful smoke that offers a great impression of the terpenes involved which help boost the effects of THC.

As you breathe out your final exhale, you'll notice the effects of LA Kush begin to take hold. Unlike many indica-dominant hybrids, LA Kush offers a notably upbeat cerebral effect. You'll find yourself floating through a blissful euphoria for a few minutes as the strain amplifies happy feelings and leaves you feeling uplifted. After a few minutes, the strain will leave you settled into a comfortable headspace, allowing you to focus on creative projects or any pressing matters you may have to attend to. After the mental effects peak, you'll find that LA Kush settles pretty heavily in the body. It's known for deeply relaxing physical effects that will have every limb feeling totally relieved from aches and pains. However, this one is known for causing a case of the munchies and couchlock in higher doses.

These effects coupled with average potency levels of THC (17-22%) and beneficial terpenes like b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene make LA Kush a great choice for both beginners and seasoned medical patients alike. The upbeat, creative, and focusing mental effects make the strain a great choice against stress, depression, and attention deficit disorders. On the physical side, LA Kush is one of the best medical cannabis strains available for pain and inflammation, making it a great addition to your medicine cabinet for treating headaches, muscle spasm, nausea, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

Just keep in mind that all medical strains come with some side effects, such as dry eyes and cottonmouth. LA Kush being an indica-dominant strain may also cause a case of the munchies and couchlock in higher doses. That said, always start with a low dose of a new strain to see how it will affect you before taking a normal-sized dose. Keep in mind that cannabis is an excellent medicine for managing chronic symptoms, but it isn't a cure-all. It's just a safe, effective alternative for the treatment and management of many chronic symptoms. For standard symptoms, LA Kush is an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients seeking physical and mental relief in the afternoons or at nighttime. The strain's potency levels and above-average terpene content make it a popular choice among patients who visit our dispensaries here in Colorado Springs.

The Epic Remedy's LA Kush Strain Review

The first time I saw LA Kush was as a row of big beautiful plants in one of our four grow houses here in the Springs. It was impressive, but it was incredibly smelly so I decided I'd give it a whirl once it was cured and dried. I was not disappointed, as those pungent terps I smelled on the living plant were just as intense and delicious in the dried buds, though they were notably more earthy.

I didn't snag a picture of the strain in the grow this time, but I did get the chance to play with them in my photo box when I grabbed a zip for myself. As you can see in the imagery throughout this article, these buds are dank, sticky, and gorgeous. They're medium in density so they break apart well and smell great. That said, all the terps subdued in the dry flowers are explosive when they're ground up. Agitating these buds brings those mint and lavender terps up to the forefront, which had my mouth watering.

LA Kush strain review by The Epic Remedy Colorado Springs Best Dispensary

I packed these little morsels into a bowl and sparked it up to find my mouth completely enveloped in a strong, kushy earthiness. The smoke was quite thick and I coughed a lot, but that's a good thing in my opinion since it tends to help expedite the process and kick that THC in. The aftertaste was super floral and almost fruit tinged with bright, fresh herbs and lots of earthiness.

That final exhale (and coughing fit) left me feeling HIGH high. I found myself immediately impressed by how cerebral the strain was. Typically when I smoke indicas I'm still the same goblin person, just more tired and relaxed. However, this one had me feeling a little floaty, but in a good way. It was bright and euphoric, making it easy for me to just sit down, focus on and laugh at a Chris Farley movie, and feel upbeat and happy.

Meanwhile, the strain was putting in WORK on my body. I punish myself with like an hour of exercise every day (so I can support my craft beer habit and not look like someone's Uncle Randy) so I'm frequently feeling sore in every muscle group. This strain pushed some potent relief on me, but didn't slow me down mentally so I didn't succumb to the crabby I'm-tired-and-can't-do-anything feeling I get when I need physical relief but don't want to slow down.

Ultimately it gave me a boost in mental fortitude and an upbeat headspace as well as deep-seated physical relief. Highly recommend this one as a good daytime indica since the body buzz isn't overbearing and the cerebral effects can leave you in a great, focused mood for whatever else you have in store for your day. It looks, tastes, and smells awesome, too. If you haven't had the chance to try some of it for yourself, be sure to stop by any one of our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries. Just be sure to check out menus or give us a call first before you stop by to make sure that it's in stock at your preferred location. This week's secret code is "BEVERLY HILLS NINJA". Thanks for checking it out!

As always, keep in mind that The Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, so the LA Kush flower may also come in a variety of house-made vape cartridges and concentrates. Our variety of products and our library of over 40+ unique and exciting strains (including LA Kush) makes The Epic Remedy the best medical dispensaries in Colorado Springs. If you've tried it, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment! Your reviews on our strain profiles help other patients learn about a variety of effects since every strain affects every person a little differently. Your feedback can help other members of the Epic Fam pick the best medicine to suit their needs.

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