Epic Remedy Strain Profile: Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

How's it goin' Epic Fam? We're back on another gorgeous Tuesday afternoon to discuss one of the most popular strains of all time (that just so happens to frequently grace our menus here at The Epic Remedy): Girl Scout Cookies. This indica-leaning hybrid is the predecessor to many famous strains like Wedding Cake and Sunset Sherbet. It's best known for its sweet, creamy, and fruity flavors as well as its potent relief against depression, nausea, and pain.

If you've stopped by any of our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries lately, you may have seen it on the shelves. Below, we've compiled everything you need to know about this classic cut of cannabis, including its lineage, scent, flavor, effects, and medical uses. Just be sure to read through the full text to find the secret code that you can use for a 5% discount on your next purchase. Remember to check back in next week for the next Epic Remedy strain profile and secret code since codes expire after 7 days. Check out Girl Scout Cookies:

girl scout cookies strain profile and review by the epic remedy colorado springs best dispensary.

The Quick Rundown: Girl Scout Cookies Strain Profile

If you're seeing this page after browsing the hybrid strains in our strain archive, you can find the most important details about the strain below. Just remember that all of our strain profiles refer to cannabis flower. Concentrates, vape cartridges, and wax-infused pre-rolls made with the Girl Scout Cookies strain will smell, taste, and feel similar to the flower, though these products will be much more potent than the numbers we've listed below.

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush X Durban Poison (F1) by Cookie Fam Genetics

Classification: 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid

Potency: THC-dominant, 22-28% THC

Primary Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene

Appearance: Chunky buds ranging in shades of dark green and purple. Very frosty and medium-dense with bright orange pistils.

Flavors: Fruity with notes of cherry and lemon as well as a pungent herbaceousness and an earthy aftertaste. Creamy smoke.

Aromas: Earthy and pungent with a sweet and nutty vanilla spice.

Effects: More cerebral in nature, offering euphoria and uplifted feelings along with an unhindered, relaxing body buzz.

Medical Uses: Great for mental ailments like mood swings, depression, stress, and even anxiety. Gentle physical relief helps with pain, lack of appetite, headaches, and nausea.

Possible Negatives: Dry eyes, cottonmouth, munchies, and couch lock are all possible side effects.

In-Depth Details: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid strain that offers a more balanced mix of effects than it's lineage would suggest. This potent cross between the legendary OG Kush and Durban Poison by Cookies Fam Genetics checks in at a whopping 22-28% THC and tends to be more of a hybrid than a true indica. With relaxing terpenes like b-Caryophyllene along with energizing terpenes line Limonene and Humulene, Girl Scout Cookies offers a unique blend of effects as well as a pungent, mouth-watering flavor.

Girl Scout Cookies is a true looker when it comes to appearances, boasting rich purple hues alongside green and golden undertones. Each extremely frosty nug is covered in a dense layer of both trichomes and fiery orange pistils that give the strain such an eye-catching appearance. This is just one of the reasons that the Girl Scout Cookies strain has taken home so many awards alongside its unique flavors and aromas.

The GSC strain is just as unique in scent as it is in appearance. On the nose, the strain takes on a very unique earthiness, though it's best known for its ability to stink up a flowering tent with its sweet and nutty vanilla-like spice. Truth be told, Girl Scout Cookies (and many other Cookies strains) smell a lot like a bakesale, with rich vanilla notes and a robust creamy smoke. However, GSC stands apart thanks to its slightly lemon and cherry scent that give the strain an acidic kick.

The flavor is quite similar, though it tends to be a bit more fruit forward. The inhale will bring forth a pungent herbal flavor along with a very rich and spicy earthiness. The strain is very easy to smoke though because the smoke itself is full of those sweet vanilla notes, offering a rich and creamy relief to the earthier tones brought on hard at first. As you exhale, you'll notice the creamy smoke leaving behind a few trace amounts of lemons and cherries.

The effects of the Girl Scout Cookies strain take hold instantly, offering potent relief to your mentality. The strain starts behind the eyes offering a very joyful and uplifting sensation to your mental state before dropping you in a clear-headed euphoria that may improve creativity or simply give you the giggles. After a few minutes, the body high will creep in and bring with it some potent relief to the head and digestive system as well as the limbs. This physical relief is on the gentler side, making Girl Scout Cookies an indica that is comfortable to enjoy during the day.

These effects along with therapeutic terpenes like limonene, humulene, and b-caryophyllene as well as a much higher-than-average THC level make for an extremely effective medical strain. As a mostly mental strain, GSC can offer some excellent relief against mood swings, difficulty concentrating, depression, stress, and in some cases even anxiety. On the physical side, Girl Scout Cookies offers excellent daytime physical relief against pain, nausea, headaches, and a lack of appetite.

Just keep in mind that Girl Scout Cookies, like most medical cannabis strains, does come with a few side effects like dry eyes and cottonmouth. For those who are sensitive to cerebral strains, it may also cause anxiety. With that in mind, be sure to start with a low dose with any new strain to see how it will affect you before taking a normal dose. Cannabis is an excellent medicine for managing chronic symptoms, but it isn't a cure-all. It's just a safe, effective alternative for the treatment and management of many chronic symptoms.

All in all though, GSC is a great choice for Colorado Springs medical marijuana patients seeking relief from physical and mental ailments during the day or at night. Its cannabinoid and terpene potencies along with its balanced effects make it one of the most popular choices when it comes to strains among patients who visit our dispensaries here in Colorado Springs.

girl scout cookies strain profile and review by the epic remedy colorado springs best dispensary.

The Epic Remedy's Girl Scout Cookies Review

Girl Scout Cookies is another one of those strains that basically everyone has or at least has tried. It's the genetic precursor to some of the most popular strains in the US, like Ice Cream, Wedding Cake, and Runtz, and it's well known for its unique, creamy notes that give the strain (and every strain made with it) an almost bakesale-esque flavor profile. That said, classic GSC is still famous, and for good reason. Though its Wedding Cake offspring has taken over in the popularity contest, Girl Scout Cookies still offers a great mix of effects and flavors that are highly coveted in the medical community.

This award-winning strain is very clearly a sight to behold from appearance, scent, and flavor alone, but it really shines when it comes to its effects. Girl Scout Cookies offers a mix of gentle indica-leaning effects that help without hindering. Similar to strains like Blue Dream, GSC is more balanced and cerebral than its genetics would have you believe.

My first impression was of a very firm mental lift. Regardless of whatever you have going on, GSC is great for a sense of uplifted happiness that can help you balance whatever it is you've got going on in your life. It definitely gave me a sort of mental clarity that was good for creativity alongside a gentle euphoria that never became too overbearing at any point. After some time with the mental effect, a few generous but gentle physical effects take hold.

The physical relief isn't uncomfortable or couchlocking in general, at least in my opinion. When people ask me about indica-leaning strains that provide some comfort and relief from pain for the daytime, GSC is one of my first recommendations. The relief extends to ailments like headaches and stomach aches, though it can also be used for sore muscles. I use it for my low back pain when I'm fatigued and still want to go for a hike, for example. That said, even though the strain is indica-leaning in terms of relief, it is still a notably cerebral strain and I don't recommend it against insomnia or difficulty falling asleep.

All in all, if you haven't had the chance to try some Girl Scout Cookies for yourself, be sure to stop by any one of our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries. Just be sure to check out menus or give us a call first before you stop by to make sure that it's in stock at your preferred location. This week's secret code is "Cookie Monster". Thanks for checking us out!

As always, keep in mind that The Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, so the Girl Scout Cookies flower may also come in a variety of house-made vape cartridges and concentrates. Our variety of products and our library of over 40+ unique and exciting strains (including Girl Scout Cookies) makes The Epic Remedy the best medical dispensaries in Colorado Springs. If you've tried it, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment! Your reviews on our strain profiles help other patients learn about a variety of effects since every strain affects every person a little differently. Your feedback can help other members of the Epic Fam pick the best medicine to suit their needs.

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