Epic Remedy Strain Profile: Chem I-95

We're back at it again this week with our latest strain profile! This week, we're covering our Chem I-95. If you've stopped by our stores recently, there's a good chance you saw it on the shelves. Chem I-95 is a flavorful and potent cross between the Chemdawg and I-95 strains. It's considered a pretty perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid that we recommend to our patients for managing symptoms of physical pain, stress, and lack of motivation, energy, or focus during the day. Here's our complete Chem I-95 strain profile as well as a detailed review covering what you can expect with our Chem I-95 flower, Chem I-95 vape cartridges, and Chem I-95 concentrates.

Epic Remedy Chem I-95 Strain Profile | Epic Remedy Chem I-95 Strain Review

The Quick Rundown: Chem I-95 Strain Profile

If you're just here for the quick facts that you can't find on most strain review sites, here's a quick-look at Epic Remedy's Chem I-95 strain. These effects translate well to our Chem I-95 vape cartridges and Chem I-95 concentrates. The only difference is that our cartridges and concentrates are much more potent than the flower alone, ranging from 75-95% THC.

Lineage/Genetics: Chemdawg X I-95 (Triangle Kush X Legend OG/Stardawg)

Classification: 50/50 hybrid

Potency: 23-27% THC

Primary Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Appearance: Dense, light-green flowers with amber-orange pistils and a thick layer of silvery-white trichomes

Flavors: Diesel fuel, sour citrus, and plain ol' funk

Aromas: Pungent earthy sourness with notes of lemon and spicy fuel

Effects: Great mix of effects between a mellow body high and cheerful, energized head-high. Great daytime smoke. Good for focus, energy, and creativity as well as physical relaxation without the couch lock.

Medical Uses: Physical pain, nausea, headaches, trouble focusing, anxiety, depression, stress.

Possible Negatives: Hunger, dry eyes, cottonmouth, or anxiety in those with THC or Sativa-dominant terpene sensitivity.

In-Depth Details: Chem I-95 Strain Profile

Chem I-95 is considered a 50/50 hybrid, though many people who smoke it will say its effects are more sativa-dominant. It's a cross between the famous Chemdawg #4 and I-95, which is a cross between Legend OG and Stardawg. It was originally propagated by Money Mike of Top Dawg genetics. Chem I-95's genetics are deeply rooted in the Chemdawg and OG Kush families, promoting sativa-dominant effects and sharp, sour, and fuel-like aromas and flavors.

Chem I-95 isn't as widely available as many other chem strains. As far as we know, The Epic Remedy is one of a handful of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries to carry it, if not the only dispensary in Colorado Springs to carry it. Our cut is pretty new, but we're picking up on her likes and dislikes quickly. Our last batch tested in at 24% THC, though we expect that number to climb with each additional harvest. Its heavy dose of THC and its terpene profile consisting of energizing terpenes like Limonene and Myrcene makes it strong daytime medicine when you consider terpene content makes cannabinoids and other terpenes stronger. (Learn more about the Entourage Effect).

Those terpenes are vibrant in the scent and aroma of Chem I-95, too. The scent is sharply pungent, reminiscent of spice and gas. However, once it's dried, they take on a lemon citrus aroma. The flavor is largely similar, with an extra layer of herbaceous funk and fuel. However, the final impression and aftertaste are quite lemony.

Epic Remedy Chem I-95 Strain Profile | Epic Remedy Chem I-95 Strain Review
Chem I-95 by The Epic Remedy

Chem I-95 is a beautiful plant with dark, broad water leaves ranging in shade from dark green to a subdued uber-healthy blue. She grows somewhere in between an indica and a sativa, offering an excellent mix of height and width that fully support her huge colas. Around day 50, she's capable of stinking up an entire flower room with her sharp sour citrus aroma. As the flowers grow, each cola produces a thick blanket of trichomes that give the dried flowers a crystalline appearance. Chem I-95 flowers are a light shade of green to yellow coated in a layer of silvery trichomes with amber pistils curling out in all directions.

The most exciting part about the Chem I-95 strain is its effects, though. Chem I-95 will definitely make you cough and is likely to give you dry eyes or cottomouth, so be sure to keep some fluids handy to keep yourself nice and comfy while you toke. The first effect of Chem I-95 is a bright cerebral sensation that immediately uplifts you and melts away anything that may have been bugging you. The mental effect is extremely potent, leading to euphoria and a strong case of the giggles.

As the high takes hold, the cerebral effect mellows out into an energetic, productive high that can lead to long-lasting creativity and motivation, melting away stress, depression, and worry. It also tends to creep into the physical body, helping you find relief from physical ailments like headaches, stomachaches, and body pain. Ultimately, it leaves you in a state of functional relief. It allows you to power through your day pain-free in a blissful state of mind that lasts all day.

For our medical patients, we recommend Chem I-95 when you need heavy-handed THC relief. Its balance of effects makes it a great choice for battling focus-related issues like ADD and ADHD as well as depression, social anxiety, and fatigue. It's also a good choice for physical ailments, like muscle aches, headaches, and stomach aches. Its terpene profile can help with pain and inflammation, sour moods, long-term stress, and lack of appetite. Chem I-95 is a great daytime strain for just about any physical ailment or as a way to let go of stress and go through your day in a happy, focused, and motivated state of mind.

Just be sure to keep in mind that Epic Remedy's Chem I-95 is potent. If you're sensitive to THC, you'll want to start with a small hit of this strain and see how you feel before jumping right into massive bong rips so you can keep yourself comfortable and feel the full range of effects without giving yourself anxiety.

Epic Remedy's Chem I-95 Strain Review

Last week, I stopped in with our photographer (his name is Dustin) to grab a few photos of our latest and greatest. While we were admiring our THC-a diamonds and photographing our new Kief Cones, we had the opportunity to take a look at one of our first harvests of Chem I-95. Naturally, while we snapped a few drool-worthy photos, I was able to smell that sharp diesely funk from across the store. I'm a sharp-sativa kinda gal, so that encouraged me to grab an eighth for myself.

The flowers in my bag were heavily frosted, which as you know, is a delight in itself to know the strain's going to punch you in the lungs. Each little tightly-packed flower was completely coated in white trichomes. The flowers themselves were a light sage green with a ton of curly orange pistils erupting from the blanket of white. Each little crystalline nug developed in a more indica-dominant fashion, though the color and sharp funky aroma indicated a sativa-dominant high. Sativas are my jam, so to tell you the truth I really can't express the excitement I had to grind those bad boys up clearly enough with words alone. I guess you could just imagine me gesturing broadly and happily grunting a lot.

Epic Remedy Chem I-95 Strain Profile | Epic Remedy Chem I-95 Strain Review
Jar of Chem I-95 Flowers

Anyway, once I got those nugs chopped up, the sour fuel-like scent just erupted from my grinder. The stuff smelled super dank in the bag of course, but at that stage, weed just kinda smells like weed. However, once you agitate those terpenes, you can get the full range of scents. My nose detected some SERIOUS gas. As the name would suggest, the stuff smells like a racetrack. Coming from someone who grew up there, I-95 itself is basically a racetrack. At least, the stretch of it down in Florida is. To imagine Chem I-95, think about the Daytona 500 with sharp notes of fuel, sour funk (AKA, your average race fan), and a delicate breeze full of citrus zest.

With visions of Floridian funk dancing in my head, I was eager to get to the flavor. I took the ground flower and packed it into a bowl to get the best impression of the flavors and was immediately impressed. The first impression of Chem I-95 is definitely gas. It's sharp, sour notes from the Chemdawg and Kush families came through first. The smoke itself was pretty thick and spicy, so it did in fact punch me in the lungs, which I always find quite welcoming. After exhaling and coughing and coughing some more, I was left with a pleasant citrus aftertaste with a dank sourness and a seriously cerebral high death-gripping my brain stem.

Cerebral is such a delicate word for getting super high in the head. Chem I-95 is definitely more on the sativa-side at first, taking hold of your mentality hard and fast. I immediately felt a sense of relief wash over me as the stresses of the day melted away, leaving me in a state of pure bliss and euphoria. However, it wasn't the type of high where you're like "oh that was nice. I think it's time for a nap." The stuff made me feel pretty on the ball. I felt creative enough to do some content and some graphics for some of my other clients, which is usually not the case after I smoke. I jammed out to my Spotify and handled business, which isn't always easy for me to do when I'm high, hence the reason I'm not usually a daytime smoker. After the initial energetic creativity boost passed, I felt uplifted, happy, and physically relaxed. One big deep breath of Chem I-95 and you're at ease physically and mentally. Chem I-95 is definitely a daytime medicine though, so keep that in mind. You wouldn't want to smoke it if you have nothing to do since that energy can turn into anxiety if you aren't doing something. You also might not want to smoke it if it's late and you'll want to get some sleep soon because it will keep your gears turning for hours. However, if it's daytime and you're handling your business, you'll love Chem I-95. It makes me feel energized and uplifted, like I'm literally walking on sunshine, while I do the most boring things. However, it also makes me feel physically well. No sore muscles, no headaches, no tummy troubles from over-caffeinating and not eating, and all that jazz. If I had to rate this strain, I'd probably have to give it a 10/10. It offers a perfect mix of effects, amazing flavors, and a sharp scent that is sure to energize you faster than a cup of coffee. Chem I-95 DID give me cottonmouth though, so make sure to have some juice on ya when you try it.

All in all, if you haven't had the chance to try Chem I-95 from The Epic Remedy, give it a chance if you're looking for a good daytime smoke that'll keep you motivated and feeling great. The stuff blew me away in basically every category, and I'm sure it'll do the same for you. Best of all, Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, so that super dank Chem I-95 flower you tried also comes in house-made vape cartridges and a variety of different concentrates. The variety of products and 50+ strain variety of super exotic strains (including Chem I-95) makes The Epic Remedy the best dispensaries in Colorado Springs. If you've tried Chem I-95, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment! Your reviews on our strain profiles help other patients learn about a variety of effects since every strain affects every person a little differently. Your feedback can help other members of the EpicFam pick the best medicine to suit their needs.

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