Which Brands Does The Epic Remedy Carry?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Looking for detailed information on the topical and edible brands we carry? This in-depth post covers everything you need to know about the brands we carry, their products, and why we think they're great for our medical patients.

Robhots gummies orange tangerine

Our Flower

Unlike most dispensaries, we don't bulk buy or wholesale cannabis flower from other companies. We carry the largest variety of boutique cannabis strains in the state. All of our 50+ flower varieties are grown in-house at four state-of-the-art growing facilities. Some strains include:

Our Concentrates

Like our flower selection, we only carry concentrates that we make ourselves. At our stores, you can find house-made wax, shatter, live resin, live sugar, THCa diamonds, diamond sauce, vape cartridges, tinctures, caviar, rosin and more. They're all made from our 50+ house-grown strains, so there's always an amazing variety to test and try for yourself.

Our edibles

Our edibles are one of the only product types we source from other brands. Be sure to ask your budtender about specific flavors and potency levels! We'll dive deeper into specifics below. We offer edibles from these licensed Colorado brands:

  • Keef Cola

  • Mountain High Suckers

  • Robhots

  • Sweet Grass

  • Wana

  • Incredibles

  • Mary's Medicinals

  • Mary Jane's Medicinals

  • Sky High Edibles

  • Escape Brands

  • Dixie Elixers

  • Koala Bars

  • ... and More!

Our topicals

Our topicals are the other product type we don't currently manage in house. We source our topicals from a handful of other Colorado cannabis brands. Be sure to ask your budtender about specific scents and potency levels! Here are some of the brands we carry:

  • Mary Jane's Medicinals

  • Foria

  • Mary's Medicinals

  • Dixie Synergy

  • Escape Artists

  • ioVia

  • Apothecanna

  • ... and More!

Brand Information

Below, you'll learn everything you need to know about the brands we carry, their company information, and the types of products they make. For more information, be sure to check with your budtender for stock availability and potency levels.

Keef Cola

Back in 2010, Keef Cola began creating a new way to experience the simple pleasure of enjoying a drink with friends: drinkable cannabis. Keef products include multiple lines of popular beverage options, like sparkling water, energy drinks, mocktails, sodas, and life water. Some flavors include:

  • Blue Raspberry

  • Root Beer

  • Orange Soda

  • Cola

  • Purple Passion

  • Flo

  • Blueberry Lemon

  • Cranberry Lime

  • Strawberry Kiwi

  • Lemonade

  • Blackberry Coconut

  • Raspberry

  • and Pineapple

Mountain High Suckers

Mountain High Suckers is one of the original names in the Colorado edible game. Founded in 2009, MHS was also the first company to offer CBD in their medical cannabis products.

The products are excellent for beginners just getting started with edibles. The Sweet Pieces and Lozenges are low-dose and come in multiple flavors. Each additional product contains a 3 THC to 1 CBD (3:1) mix.

Best of all, Mountain High Suckers are unique as they allow for dual absorption. As you hold the sucker in your mouth, you can absorb the cannabinoids sublingually, like a tincture. However, the material you swallow is also processed through your stomach and liver like an edible. This allows for a faster-hitting, more complete effect.

Sweet Grass Kitchen

Sweet Grass Kitchen is a fabulous edible bakery founded in 2009. Sweet Grass makes cookies, pies, and other baked confections using whole-flower cannabis-infused butter. While they do have a line of recreational edibles, their medicinal line ranges from 65mg to 100mg. In 2013, they began making their butter using their own cannabis that they grew in-house to offer a more consistent experience.

Their butter is only made using cannabis flower - never plant material - so the hashy flavor is minimal. The process to make the perfect butter takes up to 12 hours. Using the butter, they make a variety of recreational and medical products like cookies and pies, including:

  • Lemon poppy seed

  • Peanut butter M&M

  • Snickerdoodles

  • Butter pecan + white chocolate chip

  • Ginger Molasses

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Brownies

  • Pies


Robhots (Pronounced like robots) was started at home back in 2014. The original gummies were shaped like robots and made with BHO (butane hash oil) hence the BHO in the Robhots name. In 2015, Colorado edible regulations changed and they could no longer use the robot molds for their gummies. Regulations also helped them to change their recipe from BHO to pure THC distillate. Robhots can now be purchased for medical patients and recreational users. Since then, they've been given a handful of awards for their flavors, consistency and potency. They offer a rotating variety of flavors including multipacks and single flavors including:

  • Berries (cherry, grape, strawberry)

  • Fruits (banana, blueberry, green apple)

  • Reds (strawberry kiwi, tropical punch, watermelon)

  • Tropical (mango, pineapple, tangerine).Blue Raspberry (blueberry & raspberry)

  • Greens (green apple & pear)

  • Peach Mango (peach & mango)

  • Pineapple Tangerine (pineapple & tangerine)

  • and many more!


Wana started as a medical gummy provider in Colorado at the start of everything. Since then, they've began operating in 8 different states. Their gummies are tried and true, offering a clean, consistant dose every time. While they have expanded into recreational markets as well, their medical line remains. They offer several mixes of both regular and sour gummies in a variety of fruit flavors, including:

  • Indica mix

  • Sativa mix

  • Hybrid mix

  • Strawberry Lemonade (1:1 CBD to THC)

  • Pomegranate + Blueberry Acai (1:1 CBD to THC)


Originally founded in 2010, Incredibles brand cannabis chocolate bars have grown into Colorado’s highest-volume, and the most nationally awarded, infused product company. Incredibles develops, grows, extracts, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of cannabis edibles, ePens and extraction technology, making Incredibles the most consistently trusted consumer edibles brand. Featuring a full line of THC-infused terpene-rich artisanal edibles, the incredibles brand continues to lead the industry in innovative edibles, chocolates, gummies, and topical products with more product lines in development.

Medical products include:

  • Bath salts

  • Suppositories

  • Gummies (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid)

  • Mints

  • Tarts

  • Infused Chocolate bars

Dixie Brands

Dixie got their start by making cannabis-infused beverages in 2010. since 2010, they've been leading the industry through research, education and advocacy and have produced a large medical product line using pure-extracted THC. Some of the products you can find include

  • Elixers (drinks)  

  • Chocolates

  • Synergy products (gummies and topicals infused with THC and CBD)

  • Dew Drops (flavored tinctures)

  • Gummies  

  • Mints 

  • Bursts (pulled taffy)

  • Topicals (balms and bath salts)

  • Tarts

Escape Artists

Escape Artists is a newer name in the infusions game. They got their start working in pharmaceuticals and the food industry, which allowed them to translate the best practices from food and medicine into their product line.

Through innovative delivery mechanisms and revolutionary molecular pharmaceutical technologies, Escape Artists products deliver cannabinoids that perform at the highest levels – ensuring you can focus on getting the desired effect quickly, consistently and reliably.

Their product line includes:

  • Speed Strips (Sativa, think breath strips)

  • Hemp CBD Cream (No THC)

  • 1:1 Relief Cream

  • 20:1 Relief Cream

  • 1:1 Recovery Cream

  • 20:1 Recovery Cream

Sky High

Sky High got their start making hash pens and vape cartridges. Since then, they've shifted gears to offer edible candy bars primarily. While we don't carry Sky High vape cartridges, we do carry Sky High edibles. Candy bars come in 100-600mgs in flavors such as:

  • Toffee

  • Peanut pretzel

  • Cool mint

  • Peanut butter banana

  • Cookies & cream

  • Cinnamon Almond

  • Crunch

  • and others in development!


Foria is an innovative health & sexual wellness company, rooted in the proven wisdom of plants and powered by compassion. Foria products are made from all-natural cannabis & hemp formulas and have been changing lives since 2013.

While we don't carry every Foria product, we stand by these topicals. Their extensive product line includes things like:

  • Personal lubricants

  • Vaginal suppositories

  • Lotions and creams

  • Suppositories

  • Vape cartridges

  • CBD only products

  • THC/CBD products

Mary's Medicinals

Mary's Medicinals has been found in dispensaries all across Colorado for quite a long time. They pioneered cannabis extracts and infusions by making products that suit almost every delivery method. Their products have helped people quit smoking cigarettes with controlled, continued release dosing and convenient systemic effects.

While we don't carry their like of vape cartridges,

we do carry their topicals, transdermal patches,

and tinctures. Mary's Medicinals products include:

  • Transdermal compound

  • Muscle Freeze

  • Transdermal patches (both THC and CBD)

  • Transdermal gel pens

  • Tinctures

  • CBD capsules

  • and more!


Apothecanna products are formulated with natural, nutritious ingredients to help balance the body and the senses. Every ingredient they use to make their products is an ‘active’ ingredient that has a specific therapeutic purpose. Apothecanna products do not contain any artificial ingredients, fillers, parabens or GMO ingredients.

Apothecanna's extensive line of THC and THC-free products includes:

  • Creams

  • Lotions

  • Massage/body oil

  • Bath soaks

  • Hash oil rollerballs

  • Salves

  • Leg and foot cream

  • Deodorant sprays

  • Personal lubricants

  • and more!


ioVia is a newer topical brand on the market. They make THC and CBD infused products that are intended to be used topically. While we don't carry all of the ioVia products, we do carry a few samples.

ioVia products include:

  • Tinctures

  • Topicals

  • Transdermal creams

  • Cooling gels

  • Bath salts

Koala Bars

Koala Bars (formerly Shu-Met Bars) is an award-winning edible company based in Colorado Springs. The owner is a Springs local serving products to Southern Colorado and Denver. Koala Bars are chocolate bars ranging in potency levels and flavors.

Some flavors include:

  • PB&J

  • Key lime pie

  • Machiatto

  • Mint chocolate chip

  • Bourbon pecan

  • Cookies & cream

  • Red velvet

  • Banana pudding

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

  • and more! 

Coda Signature

Coda Signature was founded in 2015 with a clear vision- to set the standard of excellence in the cannabis industry. Coda products are made with highest quality CO2 extracted cannabis oil.

The collection of Coda Signature infused edibles, topicals, and concentrates tell a story

through exciting colors, bold flavors, and luxurious aromas that harmonize seamlessly

with impeccable craftsmanship and quality ingredients.

While we don't carry every Coda product, their extensive line of products


  • Edibles (chocolates, truffles, and gummies)

  • Massage and bath oil

  • Muscle salve

  • Skin salve

  • Award-winning bath bombs

  • Distillate and hash oil

Mary Jane's Medicinals

Mary Jane's Medicinals was started in 2009 by a massage therapist based in Telluride. She began by infusing her massage oil with cannabis to encourage better results for her clients. When cannabis medicine caught on, she bagan offering her products in dispensaries all over Colorado. Today, Mary Jane’s Medicinals is an industry leader in topical healing products.

Mary Jane's Medicinals include products such as:

  • Salves

  • Lip balms

  • Massage oils

  • Aloe lotions

  • and more!

Check Out the Epic Remedy University Video

This video covers all of our brands in one nice and neat little infographic. It covers our brands as well as cannabis science and a quick rundown on delivery methods. Use this video as a resource to help you choose the best products and delivery methods for your ailments.

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