Epic 420 Essentials For The Ultimate Celebration

420 is right around the corner, and with that in mind, it's time to start getting your head on straight. These 5 exciting gifts, party favors, and enhancements are all great ways to elevate your experience and take your 420 festivities to new heights. If you're looking for the best 420 deals in Colorado Springs, look no further than The Epic Remedy.

Epic 420 Essentials For The Ultimate Celebration - by The Epic Remedy Colorado Springs Best Dispensary

Best 420 Gifts, Party Favors, and Enhancements for 2021

If you're getting together with friends for 420 this year or just cooling it by yourself, 420 is the one time of year when it just makes a little more sense to splurge — especially on weed and weed accessories. In the wise words of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, Treat Yo Self. This list encapsulates a handful of ways to accomplish that this 4/20.

  1. Vaporizers - If you haven't hopped on the vaporizer bandwagon yet, that's okay. There are so many out there that it can be a bit of a bugger trying to choose. Luckily, we only carry the good stuff. Splurge a little and try out the Puffco Peak or Puffco Peak Pro, both of which are smart rigs that heat to your temperature settings and make for a perfectly consistent dab every time. If you're just looking for something that stays hot for a dab rally on 420, try the Pulsar eNail Kit. Alternatively, ER batteries are also available for standard 510-thread vape carts. (We're even giving them away for free on 420 when you purchase vape carts!)

  2. Concentrates - What better way to celebrate 420 than by sampling a variety of cannabis concentrates? Splurge a little and try some diamonds in terp sauce or some award-winning live resin. Concentrates make excellent party favors, too. Nobody is ever unhappy to receive a free gram of hash, so keep that in mind if you're gonna find yourself at someone else's 420-fest this year. Soft brag: Our concentrates are easily the best in Colorado Springs, and they're priced so competitively because they come from our own flower and are made in-house.

  3. Wax-Infused Pre-Rolls - Joints go an awful lot faster on 420 thanks to the extra heads — or of course the celebration consumption uptick. That is unless they're stuffed with wax and kief of course. Wax cones and kief cones make an awesome addition to a 420 celebration since they're a lot more potent and last a lot longer than your standard pre-roll. Plus the rolling part is already taken care of, so you can just kick back and keep 'em rolling.

  4. Glass and Smoke Essentials - If there's one thing you'll need to have covered on 420, it's all of the necessities. You don't want to get caught without a lighter or papers or blunt wraps if you want to celebrate properly. That would be a huge party foul! You'll also want to make sure you have your butane torch full of gas for your dab rig or straw. You can also never have too much glass as far as we're concerned. Glass also makes a great gift, and we're giving it away as a doorbuster to a handful of patients on 420.

  5. Beverages - Last but not least, no 420 celebration is complete without lots of drinks on hand. You can kick back with your own Keef Cola to keep the buzz flowing while you enjoy the holiday, or you could make your own mocktails with cannabis-infused drip syrups and wow your guests. Try making a batch of Arnold Palmers using 2.5 cups of lemonade and iced tea and a 50mg bottle of lemon Drip Infused-Syrup.

Celebrate 420 with The Epic Remedy

Everything on this list is available at The Epic Remedy; Some of which are even available at a huge discount for the holiday. Be sure to check out our full 4/20 announcement to check out our 420 doorbusters, events, and deals. We hope you have an Epic 420 in 2021!

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