December Giveaway Winners + January Giveaway Announcement

Updated: Jan 7

How's it going, Epic Fam? Below, we've announced the winners of our December giveaway for a Pulsar Axial Mini e-Nail kit, some house concentrates, and a heady dab rig. We've also announced the details for our January giveaway, our New Years' specials, and this month's community project. Check it out!

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December Giveaway Grand Prize

In December we had a ton of awesome stuff going on. We had a massive turnout for raffle entries this month thanks to the overwhelming support from our patients during our Hope & Home toy drive. Out of all the entries, one lucky winner will be taking home the Pulsar Axial Mini e-Nail kit, some house concentrates, and a heady dab rig.

december giveaway by the epic remedy best colorado springs dispensary

This month we had 0 entries with no contact information on them. After screening, we selected three names. One for our grand prize winner and two for our runners-up. At the end of this post, we've posted the video of us drawing the winning tickets.

This month, our grand prize winner was Erica D., who will be taking home the Pulsar Axial Mini e-Nail kit, some house concentrates, and a heady dab rig. We've called and left messages to let them know they've won and how to collect their prizes at our North Academy location. Our two runners-up were Morgan S. and Anita B. who will be taking home some free ER swag and cannabis prizes. Just like our grand prize winner, we've called and left messages with instructions on how to claim the prizes.

While we didn't have any entries this month with no contact information, we'd still like to again remind everyone that in order to play and win, you must include your first and last name as well as a phone number or email address on your ticket so we can contact you if you win. Entries that do not have contact information will be discarded - no exceptions! You can check out the full contest entry details by visiting our monthly giveaway page.

Remember, we don't use your contact information for any other reason than for contacting you if you win our giveaway prizes. After the fact, all personal information and tickets are destroyed.

January Giveaway Announcement

This month's giveaway is pretty awesome. It's like legos, but for adults. For our January giveaway, we're raffling off an Evri Starter Kit by Drip Devices along with some house concentrates and vape cartridges. The Evri is an exceptionally unique device that allows for dabbing your favorite concentrates on the go. It's a 3-in-1 device that goes from direct-to-dab with the vapor tip attachment to 510-thread vape cartridges, and finally to refillable pods with the click of a magnet. All of the parts snap together magnetically so you can go from vape cart use to full-on direct-to-dab vaporizing in seconds. Overall, the Evri starter kit is one of the most versatile and discreet devices on the market, valued at over $100 with included concentrates.

january giveway by the epic remedy best colorado springs dispensaries


  • Magnetic, universal battery

  • Multi-functional consumption

  • Innovative, replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer

  • Ceramic tip with instant heat nichrome coil center

  • 510/Pod Compatible

  • 3 heat settings

  • Compact, versatile design

  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery

  • Small and portable for convenient on-the-go consumption

  • Powerful 900mAh battery with three power settings delivers more flavor, more clouds, and more dabs for every charge

  • Precision-engineered with patented airflow technology

  • Replaceable attachments provide the freshest flavor every time

Like our other giveaways, we'll also be picking out two additional names for our second and third prize winners. While they won't be taking home the Evri or the concentrates, they will be taking home some free swag and a cannabis prize. On February 1st, we'll announce all three winners along with the details for our February giveaway.

How to Enter and Win

To win the Evri Starter Kit by Dip Devices along with our house concentrates (or any of our monthly giveaways), please adhere to the following rules. Entering the raffle is super easy. All you have to do is stop in and shop. If you spend $100 or more, you'll get a FREE raffle ticket, though additional tickets may be purchased for $5. Just remember to include your name and contact information on your ticket or else your entry will be invalid and discarded. On February 1st, we'll select the winners and announce our next monthly giveaway grand prize.

  • Anyone can enter the monthly giveaway as long as they are valid medical marijuana cardholders.

  • You can pay $5 for a raffle ticket, or get a FREE raffle ticket by spending $100 or more in store.

  • You MUST include your full name and contact information in the form of an email address or phone number. If you don't include a way for us to contact you, your entry is invalid and will be discarded - NO EXCEPTIONS. Our budtenders do their best to remind everybody to include this info, so please help us help you!

  • All of the entries from all three of our stores will be thrown together in the drawing. If your name is selected, you will claim your prize at our NORTH ACADEMY location regardless of where you entered.

  • We will select THREE WINNERS. The first name we draw will take home the grand prize, and we'll have two smaller prizes set aside for the 2nd and 3rd names drawn.

  • Winners will be announced on the first of each month along with the details for that month's giveaway.

Other Ways to Enter

This month, we've partnered with the Pikes Peak Children's Museum to raise funds for their new brick and mortar location. If you donate $5 or more to this great cause, we'll give you a free entry into this month's giveaway.

January Community Announcements

First off, thanks again for all your hard work during our Hope & Home toy drive. In a span of about 13 days, you donated and managed to help us collect over 50+ gifts for local foster care kids. We're so blown away by the turnout, and can't believe that so many of our wonderful patients anonymously donated iPads, tablets, and gifts for kids of all ages. You guys made the holidays so much brighter for so many kids, and we thank you for it. It feels so good to be able to help out within our community! That said, we're doing our best to stay involved.

For this month's community project we'll be working closely with the Pikes Peak Children's Museum. If you spend time in southern Colorado Springs, you may have seen the children's museum back when it was mobile. However, on December 1st, they announced that they have secured a brick-and-mortar location and are currently asking for some assistance in getting it ready to open when COVID restrictions are lifted and when their lease becomes official on March 1st, 2021.

"The new space has more than eight spaces for children to learn, play, and discover what PPCM has to offer. Museum leadership intentionally chose to plant the facility in the historically-underserved southeast region of Colorado Springs, Colorado. " With this in mind, they've launched their Brick by Brick campaign to raise funds for the new space, which you can read about here.

The financial risk for the museum is particularly high at this time as the pandemic has caused many nonprofits and small businesses to go belly-up. “We absolutely need the support of the community, or it’s possible we won’t make it,” said chairman Bone. “We are hoping that by taking this leap of faith in securing a permanent location, our local community will have faith in us and show up, donate, and tell others to do those things for us too so that we can become a vital community resource for the children of Colorado Springs for years to come.”

With that in mind, we're offering our patients a variety of things when they donate. Donations can be made at our store or directly to the Pikes Peak Children's Museum. If you make your donation directly, please show us a copy of your receipt so we can give you your in-store prizes.

  • $5 Donation: 1 free raffle ticket into this month's giveaway

  • $10 Donation: 2 free raffle tickets into this month's giveaway

  • $25 Donation: 3 free raffle tickets, and a Brick By Brick certificate

  • $50 Donation: 3 free raffle tickets, a Brick by Brick certificate, and a free pre-roll

  • $100+ Donation: 3 free raffle tickets, a Brick by Brick certificate, and your choice of Epic Remedy apparel

To help PPCM with our community and allow it to keep its nonprofit status without accepting donations from a cannabis business, we will be collecting donations at our locations. However, the final donation encapsulating everything we collect will be made by our owner and CEO, Renze Waddington. As always, we're very excited to be involved and engaged in our community and we're hoping that with your help, we can help the museum achieve its financial goals and create a learning space for children in Colorado Springs before its open date in March.

New Years Deals

Today (January 1, 2021) we're offering our patients $20+ off all regularly priced flower ounces. Our regular ounce tier is dropping to $110 today and our platinum ounces are dropping to $130. Remember, this deal is only valid today, so we hope you have a happy new year!

Watch Us Pick the Winners and Announce Our January Giveaway

We like to draw our winning tickets on camera for transparency. Before these posts go live, we normally publish the video and announcement to our social profiles, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to stay up to date on contest information, deals and specials, and community projects. You can also sign up to receive our text messages to stay in the loop on all things Epic Remedy, including flash sales and deals that we only extend to our Epic Fam. Don't worry about spam either, we usually only send text messages once every few weeks. As always, please visit our blog for more information on all things Epic Remedy. Looking forward to seeing you this month!

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