August Giveaway Winners & September Giveaway Announcement

Monthly giveaway raffle at The Epic Remedy
August Giveaway Grand Prize

On August 1st, we announced our August giveaway for a grand prize including a big huge piece of glass and a cannabis prize. We also gave our 2 runner-ups the option to choose between a free 1/8th of flower or a free gram of wax along with a free t-shirt. Yesterday, we went ahead and collected all of the raffle tickets from all three Epic Remedy dispensaries here in Colorado Springs and hand-selected our 1st prize winner and our two runners-up.

Our first prize winner was Kaleb, and our two runner-ups were Jason and Rachel. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the entries we received only included their names on their tickets and not their phone numbers or email addresses. In the future, please keep in mind that in order for you to win, we need to be able to contact you! Always take care to include your first and last name along with a phone number or email address so that we can get in touch with you.

September Giveaway Announcement

Monthly giveaway raffle at The Epic Remedy
September Giveaway grand prize: PAX III Dual-Use Vaporizer

Our first two drawings were a huge success and we're super excited to keep it moving with another one. Really, you guys can expect a new giveaway every month so be sure to check in with us at the end of the month and the beginning of the new month for all the details.

This month, our grand-prize giveaway is a super high-tech vape! We're giving away a complete PAX III dual-use vaporizer kit, which can vaporize both ground cannabis flower and your favorite concentrates. It's a great way to take the products you love wherever you go without having to worry about open flames and indiscretion.

Like our other giveaways, we're also drawing two additional names. While they won't be taking home the grand prize, they will be taking home a free Epic Remedy t-shirt and either a free 1/8th or a free gram of wax.

To win, all you have to do is shop at any of our dispensaries. When you spend $100 or more, you gain automatic entry to the drawing. You may also purchase additional tickets for $5. We will announce the winners of our September drawing on September 30th, along with our October giveaway details.

Watch Us Pick The Winners And Announce Our September Giveaway

We drew names on camera, as we normally do. I did get some feedback on Facebook asking me why I pilfered through all of the entries and only selected one after looking at several inside the tub. As I mentioned above, most of the entries didn't have any contact information on them! After selecting several, I had to dig to find tickets with contact information included. There was no selectivity, I assure you. I don't know hardly anybody in Colorado Springs, anyway :)

So just for future reference, please please PLEASE, include your contact info! You can check out the video of the drawing and announcement below.

Oh, also, we love you guys. Thank you so much for making these giveaways fun and exciting for everyone involved. We hope to continue offering you the best weed in Colorado Springs at the lowest possible prices. If you love us, join our EpicFam loyalty program for more savings and start earning rewards points towards fabulous prizes like these. Our commitment to providing you top-quality medicine at fair prices is what makes The Epic Remedy the best dispensaries in Colorado Springs.

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