A Guide To The Best Colorado Springs Dispensary Deals

If you're just getting started shopping at the medical dispensaries in Colorado Springs, there's a good chance you're a little overwhelmed by the search and find process. Here's a handy guide that will help you find the best cannabis deals in Colorado Springs.

best dispensary deals in colorado springs by the epic remedy colorado springs' best dispensary

What are cannabis deals?

Dispensary deals are typically product deals, discounts, or other types of coupons for medical marijuana patients in Colorado Springs. They come in all shapes and sizes and for a variety of different uses, terms, and conditions. They can typically be found while browsing sites like Weedmaps, Leafly, or Leafbuyer. However, you can also usually find them on a dispensary's website or menu when you drop by for a visit.

What to look for

The best cannabis deals in Colorado Springs come down to a lot of different categories. If you're looking for a good dispensary to try, look for a dispensary that has first-time patient deals, daily deals, a loyalty and rewards program, and additional monthly or manager specials. Some dispensaries, like The Epic Remedy, even offer a monthly giveaway prize that you can enter to win just for shopping in-store. Below, we'll touch base on some of these deals.

Types of dispensary deals

There are many different types of medical dispensary deals in Colorado Springs. Some dispensaries have a few, and some have them all! Each dispensary will offer its own set of deals and discounts, so be sure to check websites and menu sites like Leafly, Leafbuyer, or Weedmaps of your prospective dispensaries before heading straight over. It's also worth keeping in mind that dispensary deals in Colroado Springs change pretty frequently, so be sure to follow your dispensaries on social media or menu sites to stay in the loop.

  • First-Time Patient Deals: These are the deals that are offered to patients on their first visit to the dispensary. Some dispensaries will offer different pricing or discounts on specific products for their first visit and up to their first five visits. These deals are typically the hooks used to earn a patient's business, so they typically revolve around products, though they are often discounts to an entire purchase.

  • Rotating Daily Specials: Daily specials typically change on a day-to-day basis to encourage patients to try new products. Most dispensaries have a different daily special for every day of the week. They range from discounts on products to global discounts and more.

  • Early-Bird Specials: Many dispensaries will offer discounts during a sort of happy hour. Happy hour and early bird discounts extend to specific products or in some cases your entire purchase during a specific window of time only.

  • Personal specials: At some dispensaries, certain groups of people get additional discounts. Be on the lookout for dispensaries that offer additional discounts to seniors, military, veterans, cannabis industry employees, and students.

  • Refer a Friend Programs: Dispensary referral programs offer discounts or free stuff to you if you encourage a friend to shop at the dispensary after you've shopped there. The discount or freebie typically extends to your friend also, so you both get discounts or freebies!

  • Loyalty Programs: A loyalty program is a must-have at the medical dispensary you call home. If you spend money at a dispensary, you will earn points to use towards free products, apparel, or other goodies. When choosing a dispensary to be loyal to, be sure you get a list of all of their rewards upfront so that you can double-check the incentives and make sure your hard-earned cash is worth it!

  • Giveaways and Freebies: A few dispensaries run monthly giveaways where they'll raffle off an exciting cannabis product or accessory. Typically you'll have to shop in-store to enter, but you'll have the chance to win a cannabis-related prize, so it comes down to a worthy investment.

  • BOGOs/Bundles: Bundle deals typically refer to a slight discount on products when you buy them together. Typically this comes in the buy-one-get-one formula, though some dispensaries offer bundle deals on combo items, such as two pre-rolls and a lighter for $X, for example.

  • Manager Specials: Manager specials change daily, weekly, or monthly. They typically refer to products that are going on sale on a specific day based on manager discretion. This can be anything from flower and concentrates to edibles and topicals. These arent to be confused with daily deals, though. Manager specials are typically separate.

  • Other Specials: Some dispensaries offer discounts and freebies for engaging with them online. These range from discounts to free products and raffle tickets. Some also extend unique deals and specials to patients who sign up for their SMS or email program.

best dispensary deals in colorado springs by the epic remedy colorado springs' best dispensary

The Epic Remedy's Dispensary Deals

If you're looking for the best deals in Colorado Springs or the best medical dispensary in Colorado Springs, look no further than The Epic Remedy. The Epic Remedy offers each and every type of dispensary deal listed above, which is why so many of our patients proudly state that we're the best dispensary in Colorado Springs in their reviews. Check it out:

  • First-Time Patient Deals: The best first-time patient deals can be found at The Epic Remedy. We offer 50% off a gram of wax, budder, sugar, cured resin, or live resin on your first visit, Buy one get one 50% off deals on terp pens, and even a $20 1/8th from every shelf — all on your first visit so you can try it all!

  • Rotating Daily Specials: The Epic Remedy offers a different deal every day. You can save $5 on a 1/2oz on Mondays. You can get a gram of house concentrates for $16-$18 on Tuesdays. You can save $5 on vape carts and terp pents on Wednesdays. On Thursdays, you can save 10% on THC-infused drinks like Keef Cola. On Fridays, save 10% on CBD products. On Saturdays, you can take 10% off of edibles. And last but not least, you can take $2 off any 1/8th of flower from any shelf on Sundays. The Epic Remedy offers the most competitive pricing in town by far.

  • Early-Bird Specials: Our early bird happy hour special takes place from 9 AM to 11 AM every morning. During happy hour, you can take $2 off any 1/8th of flower from any shelf, bringing your eighth down to $18-$23.

  • Personal specials: At The Epic Remedy, military/veterans, students, seniors, and cannabis industry workers take an additional 10% off their purchase.

  • Refer a Friend Programs: Our refer-a-friend program makes it easy for both you and your friend to get free ER apparel and a pre-roll for a penny. You will also get bonus rewards points when you get another person to sign up for our loyalty program. Just let us know who referred you!

  • Loyalty Programs: Our loyalty program makes it easy for you to get rewarded for shopping at The Epic Remedy. You'll earn a point for every dollar you spend, with prizes starting at 50 points. Be sure to check out our prizes here. Best of all, you can join our loyalty program today by signing up online and get an additional 5 points!

  • Giveaways and Freebies: The Epic Remedy offers a unique monthly giveaway grand prize valued at $150 or more. While only one person can claim the grand prize, we still offer free products or apparel to two runners-up. All you have to do is stop in and shop. You get a free ticket when you spend over $100, or you can pay $5 for a ticket. Check out this month's grand prize and entry details here.

  • BOGOs/Bundles: When the holidays come around (and there's a holiday every month) The Epic Remedy drops a few bundles and BOGO deals for patients in Colorado Springs. Some deals in the past have included "Get a bong, 2 1/8ths of flower and a lighter for 5% off when purchased together" or "Get a bath bomb, infused-tea, canna-caps, and an infused facial mask for 10% off". A great way to stay in the loop is to join our SMS program to be notified of these deals as soon as they drop.

  • Manager Specials: While our manager specials tend to be a bit erratic, we've typically always got something on sale alongside our other discounts. Sometimes this includes certain flower or concentrate strains, and others it includes topicals, tinctures, and edibles. Be sure to visit us in-store to learn more.

  • Other Specials: Check out the weekly strain reviews on our blog to find the secret code you can use for a 5% discount on your purchase. You can also get a 5% discount for tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Best of all, you can get a FREE pre-roll when you leave us a review — good or bad!

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