5 Uplifting Strains to Help You Cope with The End of Summer & Seasonal Affective Disorder

After this week's cold snap, it's becoming obvious that we are approaching the end of summer. While many of us are looking forward to the cooler weather, the crisp fall air, and the changing leaves, a lot of us medical marijuana patients are starting to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, better known as SAD or seasonal depression. If you're one of those most affected by the changing weather, try these 5 ultra-uplifting strains direct from our shelves to help you cope with the seasonal blues.

Best strains for seasonal depression

Jack Frost (S)

Jack Frost is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid that makes a great anytime smoke session. It's sativa-forward effects promote a heavy dose of mental energy, encouraging focus and motivation alongside a cheerful, uplifted mood. Jack Frost can chase the blues away with its sweet, citrusy aroma and encourage a calm peaceful feeling with its warm, skunky notes. Best of all, the strain is also deeply soothing on the physical side, allowing for whole-body relief that won't slow you down, making it a perfect choice for medical cannabis patients battling SAD and seasonal depression as well as pain, stress, and fatigue.

Blue Dream (H)

Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains on this list thanks to its mood-boosting effects and its deep-rooted physical relief. Blue Dream is a sativa-leaning hybrid offering a sweet and mouth-watering blueberry flavor that makes it easy to enjoy whatever life throws at you. As its effects soothe the body and muscles by chasing away headaches and nausea, a gently invigorating mental effect takes hold, making it possible to avoid symptoms of SAD and seasonal depression as well as other mental ailments like stress and anxiety. Blue Dream is a fan-favorite for its ability to soothe the mind and body without sacrificing energy levels.

Flo (S)

Flo is another sativa-dominant hybrid, though this one smells and tastes a lot like a sweet purple candy. Flo is a gently energizing strain that can chase away sour moods and improve your creativity and motivation levels. It offers a generous cerebral buzz, replacing negative feelings with heavy-handed euphoria and amplified happiness. Many medical patients choose Flo to combat pain, though it's a great choice for patients looking to avoid the symptoms of SAD or seasonal depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and fatigue thanks to its uplifting and energizing mental effects that make even the most unpleasant tasks seem fun.

Tahoe OG (I)

Tahoe OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that makes the perfect choice for when you're feeling blue. It's one of the best options available for patients suffering from physical ailments like insomnia, pain, nausea, and a lack of appetite due to its deep-rooted physical relief. However, Tahoe OG offers the best of both sativa and indica strains. Alongside the physical relief, Tahoe OG offers a brightly uplifting euphoric kick that can leave you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and happy. Tahoe OG is a great option for people affected by SAD and seasonal depression as well as people looking for relief from stress, anxiety, and bad moods.

Straw'nana Cream (H)

Strawberry Banana Cream is a rare cut found here at The Epic Remedy. It takes the best traits of its Strawberry Banana and White OG parents, giving it a sweet, fruity flavor and notably creamy smoke. This balanced 50/50 hybrid offers some seriously high potency which translates well into the purely blissful happy feeling it creates within you. With strong euphoric bliss and deep-seated physical relief that won't slow you down, Strawnana Cream makes an excellent choice for patients avoiding the symptoms of SAD and seasonal depression. Many medical patients also love this strain for its ability to combat stress, anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite, and chronic pain.

Colorado Springs medical marijuana

All in all, Colorado Springs is one of the best places in the country for people affected by SAD and seasonal depression to live thanks to our clear skies and plentiful hiking. Remember to stay busy as much as possible and get some sunshine when you can while using these Epic Remedy strains to help you keep your spirits high. Be sure to visit any of our Colorado Springs medical dispensaries to try the strains on this list or for additional help finding your feel good.

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