5 Spooky Strains To Get You Ready for Halloween

Halloween is easily one of the most exciting holidays out there. Between cooler weather, costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, and lots of fall activities to partake in, Halloween is favored by many of our patients. This season, check out these top 5 spooky-season strains that'll help you get in the mood for social-distanced trick or treating and Halloween fun.

Halloween just isn’t as fun when you get old. You’re either blacking out in a college frat house for the sake of Halloween shots or you’re sitting at home giving out candy to a new generation of little trick or treaters in foreign cartoon character costumes. It’s weird. And because it’s weird, I like to smoke a lot of weed to make it more enjoyable.

Halloween while high on weed is different than Halloween while under the influence of your typical staples, like pumpkin beer or witch’s brew. I mean it gets pretty crazy when you get people in scary costumes ringing your bell all hours of the night while you’re feeling the psychedelic effects of a high dose of edibles. Pair that with a spooky movie or some music and some eerie mood lighting and it feels as magical as it did when you were a kid. That’s how I like to do it. Not everyone likes edibles though, and a lot of us prefer to smoke.

With that in mind, there are plenty of killer Halloween strains of mmj out there that can help you find that perfect level. Whether your goal for the night is to kick back with a bowl after trick or treating and pick through your kid's candy bag or to just get REALLY into a scary movie, there are plenty of spooky cannabis strains out there to elevate the spirit of Halloween.

Below are 5 of the best Halloween strains available in Colorado. The top 3 are available exclusively at our three Colorado Springs medical dispensaries. This mix of Indicas that’ll melt you into your furniture, sativas that’ll make it easy for you to get away from the monster hiding under your bed, haunting hybrids, and ghastly OGs will have you inspired and ready for anything this Halloween. Check it out:

5 Best Halloween Strains

Area 51 (H)

This out of this world hybrid strain is just as mysterious as its name. Nobody knows who bred it or what it's crossed with - we only know that it boasts a uniquely minty aroma with mouth-watering citrus flavors. With little genetic background, this strain must have come from Area 51 itself. 10/10 Fox Mulder would approve.

Violator Kush (I)

The term violator reminds me of the Devils' Rejects and the house of a thousand corpses. Violator Kush hits just as hard and aggressively as it sounds like it would. It's an old-school strain made from a cross between Malana and Hindu Kush genetics and acts as a pure Indica, mellowing you out and locking you into your couch for whatever horrors may come next this Halloween. Best of all, to add to the creep factor, this strain smells an awful lot like a creepy musty basement

Alien Cream #2 (H)

Foreign invaders are a hot topic around Halloween. Let this potent hybrid probe your brain with an invigorating psychedellic effect and leave your body feeling gelatinous and calm. This strain is a potent cross between Alien Rift and Cookies and Cream, making it a delecteble delight as sweet as your favorite Halloween candy.

Devil's Tit (S)

Imagine for a second what the devil’s breast milk must be like. I guarantee a sip of that stuff would have you racing around like a bat out of hell, which is where the potent Sativa known as Devil’s Tit gets its name. Devil’s Tit is a Sativa strain made from Durban Poison, Cindy 99, and Acapulco Gold. It comes with a very unique flavor profile like spices and tropical fruit flavor with hints of black pepper. This strain will put Sativa enthusiasts to the test with its ultra-potent Sativa effects. I call it the one-hitter-quitter, but others have had several come-to-Jesus experiences with it. It’s good to be occupied when using this strain as it energizes you and helps you focus, so this is a great one before trick or treating with the kids or at a Halloween party.

Zombie Kush (I)

Feel like an extra from the Walking Dead after work today? Zombie Kush is the perfect Halloween strain to bring you back to life. This heavy, award-winning indica made from Bubba Kush and Sideral has an intense earthy and purple flavor. On the nose it smells super weird and that weird smell becomes a very pungent, but pleasant flavor. This strain will relax you and help you eat as well as help you get to sleep. If you’re planning on a quiet night in with a scary movie, Zombie Kush is for you.

Happy Halloween From The Epic Remedy

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Keep an eye out for the official Halloween announcement! We're looking forward to it.

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