5 Best Portable Cannabis Vapes for Colorado Adventurers

Boy, are those fires nasty this year. Dry outdoor conditions and fire make for a bad mix and an awful lot of smoke. Luckily, there are lots of options out there for you to medicate on the go without worrying about accidentally burning the woods down any further. Here are the five best, safest, and most affordable portable vaporizers on the market for the medical marijuana patient on the go.

Please remember, the items on this list (and the cannabis products you'll load them with) are only intended to be used at home and in private. It's against the law to use cannabis in your car or on federal lands like national parks, forests, and ski slopes.

Terp Pens by The Epic Remedy - Best portable vaporizer
Terp Pens by The Epic Remedy

Epic Remedy Terp Pens - $15

Terp Pens by The Epic Remedy (pictured above) come in full-gram sizes in a variety of different strains with or without CBD. The Terp Pen is designed to be simple, sleek, discreet, and powerful. They're about the size of a standard pen when they're attached to our vape cartridges (which will run you about $25), and small enough to fit into a purse or a pocket for easy medicating on the go. The simple, one-button design makes it easy to change temperature and get a perfectly flavored hit each and every time. Best of all, it can be charged in as little as 45 minutes and lasts several hours on a single charge, providing flavorful hits time after time. You can even refill the vape cartridges using Epic Remedy syringes.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer - $60

The Evolve Plus XL is a great choice for waxy concentrates and offers a discreet portable vaping experience at an affordable price point. You can find these guys all over the place, even at many head shops and vape stores here in town for around $60. The XL model, while still small and easy to conceal, has extra carrying capacity so it’s easier for you to take more concentrates with you and get bigger hits. It rips just like a standard dab rig and earns a lot of points for its convenient discreet design and extremely low price point.

Linx Hypnos Zero - $80

The Hypnos Zero by Linx is another great concentrate pen at a super affordable price point. Linx is an older name in the vape game and was one of the first companies to do premium wax pen vaporizers. It comes with a ceramic atomizer that allows for 4 different temperature settings. It's is also one of the smallest, most discreet devices on this list at only 4" in length, making it a great choice for medicating on the go.

Pax III Dual-Use Vaporizer - $250

Pax is a major name in the vape game, and they've recently launched the Pax 3, an all-in-one dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. It takes 22 seconds to heat up both concentrates and cannabis flower. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a battery that will last through about 10 separate smoke sessions, regardless of the material you use inside it. You can even control the temperature settings with the Pax 3 app, allowing you to get a perfect hit of your favorite concentrates or flower.

Kandypens: Crystal - $135

The Crystal by Kandypens is a top of the line concentrate-only vaporizer that has taken home dozens of awards for its sleek, discreet design and unparalleled power and control. The Crystal uses an all-quartz heating system and medical-grade stainless steel so you can get extremely smooth hits with mouth-watering flavors out of your concentrates. It also offers sesh mode, a variety of different temperature settings, and a sleek discreet design that still allows you to take massive hits. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Estes Park, Colorado

All in all, portable vaporizers are one of the most essential things you can get yourself if you toke on the go. These 5 portable vaporizers at some of the best price points on the market are great options for keeping the sesh going. If you have one, what do you think of it? If you don't which one do you want? As always, please remember to treat yo self, obey the law, and stay Epic!

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