Good people, Great meds!


Energetic, Knowledgable, and Friendly! 

The Epic Remedy team is a collective of cannabis scientists, cultivation experts, industry professionals, and some of the most educated budtenders you can find in the state of Colorado. Our team is hyper-fixated on one core goal: providing the best cannabis medicine to patients in Colorado Springs.


Everyone on our team, from our owners to our grow and extraction experts and our store managers and budtenders, are some of the most knowledgeable people you can find when it comes to cannabis. All of our staff members go above and beyond to ensure that The Epic Remedy is offering an educational, professional environment as well as a happy, energetic vibe during every single visit. 

Far too many storefronts in Colorado Springs have lost touch with what it means to be a medical marijuana dispensary. While many of our competitors have switched entirely to a "Welcome to big-box weed! Get your stuff and get out!" mantra, the core of our business is still cannabis medicine and public outreach. 

All of our staff members are rigorously trained to ensure they are always up to date with the latest cannabis science and product knowledge. We aim to cultivate a safe environment for cannabis newbies, people who want to elevate their cannabis experience, and medical patients looking for recommendations that can actually help them ease their symptoms. 

On our screens at any of our locations, you can find detailed product information and in-depth information on the brands we carry so you can have confidence in your purchases. Our Epic Remedy University screen even offers a glimpse into cannabis science so you can have a better understanding of the way your cannabis medicine works and what kind of results you can expect when you try a new delivery method. If you ever have any follow-up questions, our knowledgable budtenders will be able to help without the attitude or the rushed-out feeling some other storefronts offer. 

If you ever have any issues, you can rest assured that our management team is only an email away. At the end of the day, we want you to be confident in your purchase and in our medicine. If your experience wasn't what you expected, be sure to get in touch with us directly so we can make things right. 

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