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Setting Industry Standards!

The Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, and everything we make (from flower, to vape cartridges, to award-winning concentrates) starts right here in our state-of-the-art grow houses. At our 4 cannabis cultivation facilities, we produce enough home-grown flower to provide our patients with a rotating stock of over 40 medical cannabis strains and hundreds of different concentrated varieties. 

Our grow practices are rooted in a deep fundamental understanding of cannabis sciences. To grow the best cannabis medicine in the state, our team has a diverse background in cannabis science, biomedical agriculture, and agricultural biochemistry. Using the best management practices based entirely on the latest and greatest scientific procedures, plant physiology, and an unmatched passion for growing, our team cultivates the best cannabis in Colorado Springs. 

All of our grow practices are rooted in a strong understanding of scientific data and procedures. Everything we do - from our plant food to our soil to our final product - is lab-tested rigorously on a regular basis to ensure that our plants and genetics are the healthiest, most medically viable available in Colorado. 

Our facilities are built to support a variety of strains that exceed industry standards in a number of ways. Our state-of-the-art monitoring and controller systems allow us to maintain the most favorable environment possible for all of our varieties. Best of all, your medicine is grown sustainably by a team of scientists, professionals, and agricultural specialists who know that science changes, and so our grows should change and evolve too. Keep an eye out for updates on our grow house upcoming expansions and upgrades!

By combining precision agricultural crop steering methodologies with a commitment to sustainability to reduce our environmental impact, The Epic Remedy grows the cleanest and highest quality cannabis medicine in the state. Our commitment to having a large variety of medically-viable cannabis and staying above and beyond the industry standards allows The Epic Remedy to be the best dispensary in Colorado Springs. 

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