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Cannabis Science meets Art!

The Epic Remedy is 100% vertically integrated, meaning that all of our products are made right here in-house. We are one of the only medical dispensaries in Colorado that is licensed for and capable of manufacturing our own concentrates from our home-grown cannabis flower. 

Instead of sourcing cannabis concentrates from third-party extraction companies, we specialize in making our own from our 40+ medical cannabis strains using the state-of-the-art lab facility located at our North Academy location. Our lab is truly one-of-a-kind and fully equipped to manufacture all of your favorite concentrates from your favorite Epic Remedy strains. 

The Epic Remedy Extraction Lab started mainly as a small producer of vape cartridges in early 2014 and has since flourished into a full-service cannabis refinery that produces award-winning concentrates and vape cartridges. We produce just about every type of concentrated cannabis product from vape pens to live resin, to solventless extracts, and everything in-between. Aside from servicing The Epic Remedy, we also provide wholesale concentrates and material processing for medical cannabis companies and dispensaries all over the state.

Our lab is special, though. Our lab technicians and extract specialists boast extensive backgrounds in cannabis science and agricultural biochemistry. We're pretty picky about the people we employ in our lab, ensuring that all of our concentrates are exceptional in quality, flavor, variety, and medical viability. Our extraction team is truly a team. By playing off of one another's strengths, our scientists and extract specialists are constantly learning, thinking outside the box, and perfecting their craft. Our packaging team is the last line of defense and is second to none at spotting potential problems. All in all, our team is ever-evolving and eager to produce the cleanest, safest concentrates in Colorado.


To accomplish this, our staff implements the cleanest and safest practices and takes special care to focus on the needs of our patients with each and every batch we produce.  With every strain being different, it's imperative that we don't treat our material the same. We document which strains and mixes work best for the desired end product that is being produced. We manage good quality control throughout each step of our processes to ensure a consistent and safe product is provided to our patients and customers at all times. This level of care and quality in our extracts are what make The Epic Remedy the best dispensary in Colorado Springs. 

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