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If we're your go-to medical dispensary, consider joining our Epic Fam! Our loyalty program, known as Epic Fam Rewards, is a way for us to give back in thanks for all the love. 

By joining our Epic Fam loyalty program, you can earn points to use towards amazing cannabis prizes. You'll also be the first to know about new deals, specials, and product drops. Best of all, the prizes are awesome! 

Loyalty and Rewards 

How it works 

For every dollar you spend at any of our stores, you'll earn one point to use towards our amazing cannabis, accessory, and apparel rewards. You'll get 10 bonus points for signing up and a freebie on your birthday. If you sign up for our loyalty program as a first-time patient on your first visit, we'll give you an additional 10 points. 

Your points may be redeemed for any of the wonderful prizes we've listed in the section below. As a member of our rewards program, you will also have the option to opt-in to receive our text messages to stay in the loop on all things Epic Remedy, including flash sales and deals that we only extend to our Epic Fam. Don't worry about spam either, we usually only send text messages once every few weeks. 

How to sign up 

The easiest way to sign-up for Epic Fam rewards is to do so at our stores. Your budtender will guide you through the sign-up process. Please make sure you include your full name and your VALID phone number. Your phone number will be similar to your username at check-in, so it's imperative you use your real phone number and not a fake one. Don't worry - we won't ever use your phone number to contact you unless you check the box that says it's okay for us to do so. 

Sign up online 

To sign up online, please send us your first and last name along with your valid phone number using the form below. You will use your phone number at check-in through the kiosk to receive your rewards points for each transaction at our store. 

Please select all that apply

Rewards and Prizes

  • 100 points - Get a joint for $1 or get sunglasses and a lighter FREE

  • 250 points - Get 2 joints for $1 or get 15% off Edibles and a  Free T-Shirt

  • 500 points - Get a Free Hat, T-Shirt, and Lighter, OR get a Free Beanie, T-Shirt, and Lighter

  • 1000 points - Take $10 off your purchase 

  • 2000 points - Get a Free 1/8th of House Flower + Hat or Beanie OR get a Free Gram of Wax + Hat or Beanie

  • 3000 points - Get a $25 Half Ounce + Free Hat or Beanie OR get a Free Hoodie and Hat

  • 4000 points - Get a free Vape Cartridge and Battery + Free Hat or Beanie

  • 5000 points - get a BOGO Half Ounce + Free Hat or Beanie OR Buy 1g get 2g Live Concentrates + Free Hat or Beanie OR Free Hoodie or T-Shirt + Free Beanie or Hat

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* Free items, deals, discounts, and products apply only to qualified medical cannabis patients age 18 or older with valid, state-issued medical cards. We are a fully-compliant, medical-only facility. 

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