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Our Brands

If you like edibles, you know how important it is for brands to have a minimal hash-flavor and a high potency. 

At Epic Remedy, we only carry the brands that we ourselves know, love, and recommend. Luckily, there area ton of different brands in Colorado that we trust for our medical marijuana patients. 

At our stores, you can find THC-infused gummies, suckers and lollipops, chocolates, and beverages. We even have a ton of gluten-free and fully vegan edibles in stock. If you ever stop in and don't see a brand you like, drop us a line and make a recommendation! We're always happy to expand our product lines to suit our patient's tastes. 

Our variety, value, and willingness to suit your needs makes us the best dispensary in Colorado Springs. 

Our Brands 

  • Keef Cola
  • Mountain High Suckers
  • Robhots
  • Sweet Grass
  • Wana
  • Incredibles
  • Mary's Medicinals
  • Mary Jane's Medicinals
  • Escape Brands 
  • Dixie Elixers
  • ... and More!

What's on the Menu?