As the best dispensary in Colorado Springs, The Epic Remedy offers a variety of rotating daily and monthly specials that make it possible for you to get top-quality medicine at an affordable price point every day of the week. Check below to learn more about our monthly giveaway, loyalty program, rotating daily specials, or first-time patient deals. Be sure to check back frequently, as we're always offering something new and exciting. 

First-Time Patient Deals

If you've never been to one of our stores, we're excited to welcome you to our Epic Fam and show you everything that makes us the best dispensary in Colorado Springs. First-time patients can cash in on all sorts of discounts on our products on their first few visits, including: 

  • 50% off 1 gram of wax, budder, sugar, cured resin or live resin

  • Get a $20 eighth off of any shelf 

  • Buy one terp pen vape cartridge, get a 2nd one 50% off 

  • Military, students, seniors, and cannabis industry workers take an additional 10% off.

What's on the Menu?

The Epic Remedy Fillmore Interior
The Epic Remedy Academy Interior

Daily Specials

We offer a variety of daily specials that suit patients with product preferences. We also offer a 10% discount to students, veterans, cannabis industry employees, and seniors. Best of all, you can get a 5% discount for tagging us on Instagram, finding the secret codes in our weekly strain review or get a FREE pre-roll for leaving us a review on any of our menu sites or review sites. 

Daily Specials  

Monday: $5 off 1/2 ounces of flower 

Tuesday: Grams of hash for $16, $17, or $18

Wednesday: $5 off vape carts 

Thursday: 10% off THC-infused beverages 

Friday: 10% off CBD products 

Saturday: 10% off manager-select edibles 

Sunday: Take $2 off any 1/8th of flower 

Early Bird Special

Daily from 9 AM to 11 AM

  • Take $2 off any 1/8th of flower 

Refer a Friend

  • You both get a penny pre-roll and a t-shirt

  • Get bonus rewards points when your friend joins our rewards program 

What's on the Menu?


Loyalty and Rewards

To express our gratitude for making us the best dispensary in Colorado Springs, we've started running our very own loyalty program. Our loyalty program makes it easy to save on the great products you love and try new ones for free! 

For every dollar you spend at any of our stores, you'll earn one point to use towards our amazing cannabis, accessory, and apparel rewards. 

To sign up for our loyalty program, be sure to talk to your budtender at any of our locations. You'll get 10 bonus points for signing up and a freebie on your birthday.


You can even choose to opt-in to our ERDEALS SMS program to stay in the loop on all things Epic Remedy, including flash sales and deals that we only extend to our Epic Fam. 

Epic Fam Rewards

Cash in your points for any of the following: 


  • 50 points - Free sticker, lighter, lanyard, or ER grinder

  • 100 points - Free joint w/any purchase + free sticker and lanyard

  • 200 points - 2 Free joints + free sticker, lanyard, or ER grinder

  • 300 points - Free ER Socks + lanyard, ER facemask, or ER grinder

  • 400 points - Free Socks or Bandana/Facemask + lanyard, ER grinder

  • 500 points - Free apparel item of your choice (excluding windbreaker)

  • 600 points - Free gram of concentrates + your choice of free apparel

  • 700 points - Free vape cart and battery + your choice of free apparel item -OR-$10 off your purchase

  • 800 points - Free 1/8th of House Flower + your choice of free apparel

  • 900 points - BOGO 50% off Half-Ounce + your choice of free apparel

  • 1000 points - Free ER windbreaker

  • 1500 points - $25 half-ounce + your choice of 2 free apparel items

  • 2000 points - $20 off your purchase + your choice of 2 free apparel items

  • 2500 points - Buy 1 gram, get 2 grams of live concentrates free + your choice of free apparel

  • 3000 points - $25 off your purchase + your choice of 3 free apparel items

  • 3500 points - Get an ounce 50% off + your choice of free apparel

  • 4000 points - $30 off your purchase + your choice of 4 free apparel items + 5 FREE pre-rolls

  • 4500 points - Free sticker or apparel + $100 credit for use towards glass, vaporizers, and other smoke tech essentials

  • 5000 points - Free pre-roll, free gram of wax, free vape cart and battery, free 1/8th of flower, + free sticker, apparel, and $50 credit for use towards glass, vaporizers, and other smoke tech essentials

The Epic Remedy Fountain Interior

April Giveaway

This month we're giving out a G Pen Roam vaporizer. It'll come with some Epic Remedy concentrates. We're pretty impressed by this model. It's on the larger side for a handheld vape, but it packs a lot of power, a long-lasting battery life, and a state-of-the-art design that offers a water filter to your on-the-go dabs. Overall, the G Pen Roam vaporizer and house concentrates are valued together at around $350.

Key Features:

- All-in-one portable vaporizer

- Light yet durable aluminum alloy shell

- Provides discreet water-filtered concentrate vaporization on the go

- Spill-proof, self-contained borosilicate glass hydrotube

- Quartz tank

- Custom heat setting ranging from 400°F to 800°F

- Powerful 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery

- Heats to temperature within seconds of activation

- Haptic feedback feature that indicates when the device is ready

- Easily disassembled for cleaning

April Events


4/20 announcements have been made! Click here to learn more


We're in need of a community project this month! Please visit this page if you know of any other great causes. 


Be on the lookout for a ton of great BOGO deals, gift certificate specials, holiday bundles, events, and exclusive deals for Epic Fam Rewards members. We're looking forward to celebrating marijuana awareness month and valentine's day with you, Epic Fam!