Made in-house!
THC Wax by The Epic Remedy

Home-Made and Hand-Crafted

We're 100% vertically integrated here at the Epic Remedy. 

In our state-of-the-art facility, we handcraft our extensive selection of award-winning concentrates from our North location using our 40+ strains of home-grown cannabis flower.

There's always something new on the menu. Stop in to try our shatter, wax, budder, and crumble today! For a more refined experience, we also offer live resin, live sugar, live diamonds, live resin sauce, rosin, caviar, and a massive selection of vape cartridges. 

Our award-winning product line includes: 

- Shatter 

- Wax 

- Crumble/Budder 

- Sugar/Cured Resin 

- Vape Cartridges (distillate) 

- Terp Pens 

- Live Terp Pens 

- Distillate Syringes 

- THCa Diamonds 

- Live Resin 

- Rosin

- Live Resin Sauce 

- Caviar/Moon Rocks 

- Tinctures 

- and More! 

What's on the Menu?