CannaCaps made in house!


If ingesting THC is your delivery method of choice but you want to avoid sugar or unnecessary calories, THC-infused capsules are a great choice. Since they don't contain anything other than pure THC/CBD oils, these capsules tend to feel cleaner and more effective than other ingestible cannabis medicines.

Our Canna Caps are manufactured in-house using our in-house cannabis-derived THC hash oil.  We press the final THC oil into a water-soluble capsule that you safely ingest as your symptoms persist. 

Capsules make it easy to offer a consistent dose of THC or CBD. Our Canna Caps come in THC only, or in a THC:CBD ratio of your preference. Best of all, you can enjoy whole-body relief with no extra sugars or calories. Just clean medicine. 

At our stores, you can find a variety of our hand-crafted Canna Caps in both THC and CBD varieties at a variety of different potencies.

Our variety, value, and willingness to suit your needs makes us the best dispensary in Colorado Springs. 

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